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February 14, 2010
Pandora: Universal Paradise by *Tr1umph
Featured by gucken
Suggested by ifreex
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Pandora: Universal Paradise

So here is new work from me

At first it's my kind of collaboration with Ilsur Gareev :iconifreex:
So would you like to see it from another angle of view? Go here [link]

At second it is my submission to Unknown Moons Contest [link]

Pandora it's small moon of gas giant. Although it's inhabited planet with soft climate

:bulletred: Wallpapers

:bulletblue: 1920x1200
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:bulletblue: 1280x1024

Space station from [link]
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Truly a paradise indeed. The feeling of discovering something new and amazing that will be a testament to all of your hard work. "Pandora: Universal Paradise" is one of those pieces.

What can be said? This is one of the best space art designs that I have seen all year. The atmospheric detail placed in both the large earth-like planet as well as the large gas planet quietly looming above it truly makes the piece something amazing to behold. Let's not forget the amazing aurora borealis styled nebula give the entire piece an amazing dramatic effect that few space artists have mastered. The asteroids lingering above the terrain planet around the hovering space station ads some back story to this already great piece. Perhaps the planet has been discovered recently to satiate the growth of the ever growing earth, or perhaps this is earth many years from now with technology far in advance. The only one who can know for sure is the artist.

No words of mine can actually do this piece any further justice. At this point you'll just have to look at the piece for yourself and make sure your jaw does not drop too quickly to the ground.
masstransitkrow's avatar
Your wallpaper is awesome and compliments the DTP I just put up on my page well. I find that it's important to giver credit where it is due.
Your artwork is awesome!
kilo139's avatar
O_O HOLY SHIT, this is awsome stuff man very well done.
Yahtzeemaybe's avatar
ill pay the gravity bill any day
Nils-Iver's avatar
awwwww yeeeeaaaaahh!! :icondelightfulplz:

dude! i'm gonna name my ship after yooooooo!! :iconiloveitplz:
GVAR-Photography's avatar
i'm loving all the minor details and the texture of the planet
Donaldy's avatar
Terrifying world of the unknown!
Leafwirebudgie7's avatar
The detail is amazing!
JasonAbsolom's avatar
:wow: the detail is amazing!
Daddybowser's avatar
Is this the Pandora from Avatar?
Latiran's avatar
Incredible piece of work here, i would call this a master piece.
Ashkanie's avatar
An impressive work, which sense of the detail ^^ I like.
Lovely lights and the aurora-like glow is just stunning.
oh la la man !!!
jimjreilly's avatar
HOLY! That is sooooo awesome! People would pay a lot of money for tutorials on stuff like that!
newyam's avatar
Awesome I really want now to go there :XD:
Chevaliii's avatar
This is so beautiful. I love the movie, so I like your (good!!!) work to, it's my wallaper now =)
phattyartist's avatar
Love the scope, scale, and colors. Immaculate attention to detail. Awesome!!
eddyhopper's avatar
wow I love this kind very good work
tadp0l3's avatar
Can't believe I hadn't faved this before, I've looked at it soo many times! Great work man!
Mizu-Hoseki's avatar
wow, thats just a beautiful piece O_O
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