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Okay. I have to admit. My old DA account was, well, old. I joined in like 2008 or so and my artwork from that time period just plain sucked. Today I want to put forth my best efforts as I gain more and more illustration business, I wanted my most recent stuff posted here on DA. Yes, I know it's good to show growth, but at a certain point my early works were hurting me more than helping.

So I found it REALLY tedious to go back and delete, ONE AT A TIME, all of my earlier works. So I just killed the old account and started up this new. Perhaps in 7 years or so, I'll kill this one and start anew. Only time will tell. 

In the meantime, I hang out mostly over at Twitter and on Google Plus: (illustration page)

Now that I have DA all cleaned up, I'll get back to work on some new stuff. Enjoy.
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