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August 27, 2021
Tower by tr0tzki
Featured by Astralseed
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Comission for FeralGamersInc 'Black Iron RPG', super fun painting
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© 2021 tr0tzki
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good work great

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Congratulations on getting featured 😊

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Nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

For My Personal Use Only
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it looks great!

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Wow the tone and atmosphere speak volumes 🔊 Well done! It's odd that there's so much beauty in the macabre. Thanks for sharing!

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Tinselfire's avatar

Quite the lovely dacha.

tr0tzki's avatar

haha, the place to grow me some kartoshka under the ice

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If you can't physically build your tower to heaven, merely build it part way then use the power engendered by harvested souls to engineer a portal to bridge the celestial gap.

Tinselfire's avatar

Do you still have to take the stairs?

Tinselfire's avatar

Well, FML. That sounds like a yes.

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Where we're going, there are no sad trombones.

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is it a redraw? i know i've seen it the last time. i clearly remember the tower and the snowfall covering it. did the spiked people get added? i don't remember seeing them.

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No, this is the only upload of this picture

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i meant to ask whether the image itself was updated recently? yesterday it reappeared among the new creations as if it was just uploaded.

Worst-Nightmare's avatar

So what's the context behind this?

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Cant really say a lot right now, you also can check Black Iron RPG to understand the world of it.

This is gorgeous!

do you think you can draw an elven city next?

If you want some inspiration I would suggest you to look for elven cities from the first age of Lord of The Rings like Gondolin, Nargothrond, Tirion, Doriath or Alqualonde

Elven cities from warcraft like Silvermoon, Suramar or Zin Azshari

Lux Aurea the citadel of the sunfire elves from the dragon prince

or Oroboria the citadel of the Red Elves, a city built atop a volcano (by the way you can join the subredditsand post your arts if you want)

Can you also check this poll I made?

And on a sidenote if you want some good free comics to read before bedtime or something I would suggest you to check Drowtales and Elfquest

tr0tzki's avatar

Thank you! I will consider it.

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