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Wrote a new post on my Plastic Pony Aperture blog today with tips on how to keep outdoor footing in scale to make your photos even more realistic than before.

Check it out here: plasticponyaperture.blogspot.c…
Admittedly, I kind of forgot about this until today. But, as they say, better late than never. Today I have finally started my blog on photographing model horses in natural settings, now titled "Plastic Pony Aperture".

Today's post focuses on the importance of angles. Take a look here:

Just wanted to bring some attention to my model horse blog, which I hope to update a bit more often than I have been. One thing I plan on doing in the coming days is a guide to outdoor model horse photography, covering everything from footing, angles, tack fitting, forced perspective, and more.

Give it a read or a follow, if you'd like.


As you might have read in my description, I'm actually not that new to dA. My old account (MLPTalesNut) was around for a good 4 years until I deleted it last summer to start fresh, since most of the work there was horribly outdated and just... crappy. Since then I've split my work into two accounts; this one for Breyer photography and other things, and another account for my manips:


In June I finally got my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel T3. Now, my photos look better than ever and I'm looking into getting back into Breyer scene photography. It's honestly been years since I pursued it, but now that I have an improved eye for photography and better equipment, I'm going to give it another shot. No more grass up to horses' knees!

Why the name TR-Ranch? My model horse stable is Transatlanticism Ranch, and since that was too long for a dA name, I shortened it to my "brand."

My model horse collection currently numbers at over 600 horses of all scales. Mostly my Traditionals will be making appearances on this account, but you may see some other scales as well. To view my entire collection, check out the Transatlanticism Ranch homepage:


I'll do my best to put in the description of each photo I upload the name of the horse and which model it is. Maybe a few other little blurbs as well.

And that's about it, I guess.