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Edit: I made EQD for the THIRD time! YEAH~! Thanks so much you bronies!

:jawdrop: I'm ALREADY at 5,000 10,000 views 8D 19,800....19,900... :icontardplz:20,000?! 30,000?!?!?</b>:iconawwyeahplz:

It's nearly 3am here. I need sleep ._. So real quick...

I'm not a huge fan of Adventure Time, simply because I haven't watched a lot of it. But what I have seen, I tend to like, more often than not. After doing Marceline lines for Toonsmyth of Toonsmyth Productions on YouTube, I came across this song that she sings. The first thing that popped into my head was Luna and Celestia. Mainly because I'm a huge dork. And since I really wanted to see this animated, and since I don't have the ability to animate, I thought I'd just put this little idea out into the world and see if any other talented bronies would like to bite :3 (Also, if somepony DOES want to animate it... i'm a voice actor and I sing :wave:)

If you have absolutely no idea where this is from => [link]
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The feels and the references! A double whammy of awesomeness!