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Da Stamp - Human Rights 01

I got this idea for a stamp, but thought it might not come out very well due to the clashing color schemes. I think I was right to be concerned, because it does seem rather strange and perhaps a bit of an eye sore. :o However, I can see where the concept might be appreciated and people may like the stamp, despite its flaws. So I decided to post it. It's not the first time that I've posted a stamp that I was less than thrilled with. :XD:

The first section stands for races.
The second section can stand for homosexuality, sexuality in general, and/or peace.
The last section stands for transsexuality.

I kind of wanted to add a bisexuality scheme as well ( which could possibly also stand for genders ), but I thought I put enough colors on it and it would make them all harder to see ( I was also hoping the rainbow would be enough to point out different sexualities ). I also thought the transsexuality section might bring attention to genders as well. Perhaps I might try making other versions in the future.

Edit: For the sake of reference, I did not submit this stamp to any of those groups on my own. Someone requested for me to place them in those galleries. :o Heh, thanks a lot! I wasn't expecting that. Sorry if the fact that this stamp is in those groups annoys anyone, it was not my intention.

Because of the fact that I dislike it when someone submits something into millions of groups, I will not be accepting anymore groups for this submission. Sorry, but I don't want to overdo it. ^^; I'm not expecting this to be requested again, really. I'm just stating it just in case someone wanted to request it to be in another group ( I'm not trying to be mean ).

Thanks again! :hug:

Comments are turned off on this account. The submissions are simply here for you to enjoy. You do not need to ask me if you may use this stamp. Feel free to display this image in journal/shoutboard/etc, if you would like to. :D

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