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Enjoy the crazy.


Giantesses 4 by booman1 Giantesses 4 :iconbooman1:booman1 21 50 Happy Birthdays by HanaChronicler Happy Birthdays :iconhanachronicler:HanaChronicler 43 13
TotA: Triple Tale
Kayla takes notice of the red hue the evening sun’s fading light casts upon all it touches, the sky already dominated with the dark blue colors of nighttime. The anthropomorphic shark gives a somber look as she returns her attention to us. “W-well, I should be heading home now. Dad worries when I’m not back before dark.” she explains, stroking Bella’s cloudy head a final time before bidding farewell to our little group of misfit goddesses. I admit she’s handled today better than expected, though maybe I’m underestimating Kayla’s resolve to overcome her shyness. Kind of hard to tell.
“Do you need somewhere to stay, cloud-bringer?” I ask after using a portal to help my friend get home on time. At least, that had been my intention, so I can only hope I succeeded and didn’t strand her on some gods-forsaken alternate world. “Or shall we meet up somewhere tomorrow?”
“Thanks, but I’m good. W
:icondetective-barricade:Detective-Barricade 11 25
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TotA: A Cloudy Day of Searching
I needed this break. As much as I enjoy teaching my kindergarten class, and seeing all of their lovable faces during the week, it’s nice to get away from them and let my hair down for awhile. It also gives me a great excuse to continue practicing my powers without getting in the way of grading my students’ work, which takes a bit of time and afterwards I’m so wiped I practically flop into my chair when I get home some days. I’ll reaffirm that it’s the good kind of exhaustion, the kind where you know you’ve done something meaningful, but it is exhaustion nonetheless.
Tom’s occasional foot massages are a nice treat, though, even if I much prefer it when my husband works on my shoulders. We haven’t tried him giving me a massage while shrunken down yet, but we might go ahead and try this in the near future. Being a goddess opens intriguing opportunities like that.
“S-so how long have you been able to… uh… do
:icondetective-barricade:Detective-Barricade 14 22
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Just hit 60,000 Pageviews! Thanks people!
Wasn't planning a special pic until 75,000 though xD
Don't forget, buying a commission this month gets you put in for a chance at 2500 Reward Points. That's enough for 1 free colored drawing, or 2 free line arts!
Best chance to get qualified for OC Fall 18. Exhibition Matches that start between 7/12-7/15 will be "Win & In," meaning a 3x win count!
July 11 Updates:
- TP25: Giving Points to :icondetective-barricade: and :iconicymayhem2: today. Another chance to win next week!
- OC Fall 18: Challenges to Exhibition Matches are now exclusive to Discord members. Join the server today!


tp-revamp has started a donation pool!
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Donate for whatever reason.

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Which of my OCs has your loyalty? xD 

14 deviants said Allison
14 deviants said Jazzie
3 deviants said Lexi
No deviants said Other


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Commission Guide 2.70 (Birthday Event Update) by tp-revamp

Commissions Scheduled
Colored Drawing / Paid / In Progress

I'm just here drawing what I feel like drawing (and possibly doing other stuff for others) all in a failed attempt to please the masses xD Just kidding, could you imagine?

Seriously though, thanks for stopping by.

I have a lot going on, but I'm always open for a good conversation.

My current top 10 favorite deviants here (sorted by name):

My birthday badge

MG Video by tp-revamp
YouTube Channel:…


Depression Awareness Support Stamp by tp-revamp
With Megan claiming victory in the last tournament, we're now moving on to the next one: Class Act. Unlike last time, you'll be able to get into this action immediately! Here's how it works:

Ocfall18logo by tp-revamp


Let's break down registration details for new and returning OCs...

New OCs
Each person may register up to 8 new OCs. Please include the following information via note when registering:
- Name
- Reference Image (must be clean)
- Element (Air, Cosmos, Darkness, Earth, Fire, Ice, Light, Magic, Tech, Thunder, Water)
- Stats (See Stats section below)
- Special Ability (See Special Ability section below

Each OC has 5 Stats that can range from 0-12 (Exceptions listed):
  • Strength: Attack power of the OC used to calculate Damage. OC with 0 Strength cannot cause Damage by attacking.
  • Defense: Used to reduce Damage taken in an attack. OC must have at least 1 Defense point. Cannot exceed 10 for new OCs.
  • Endurance: Reduces Damage taken in consecutive short- or long-range attack.
  • Agility: Allows OC a chance to dodge or counter an attack. OCs with 0 Agility cannot dodge attacks.
  • Magic: Allows OC a chance to perform a Special Attack based on Element.
Total of all Stat Points cannot exceed 30 for new OCs.

Each OC also can have a Special Ability unique to him/her, that can help in a match. The ability can be one of these types:
- Chance: Ability has a chance to activate at any time. Lasts 3 Turns, then cools down for 5 Turns.
- Constant: Ability is active for the duration of the match. Requires 2 votes to activate.
- Trigger: Ability is activated when an OC reaches 20 Health, often used as a last resort.
Note that these are ability types, and not the abilities themselves.

Returning OCs
If your OC has participated in any of the last three tournaments, that OC is already registered, and will keep their Stats and Abilities.


This is the important change to this tournament. Once your OC is registered, he/she can begin participating immediately. OCs will qualify for the tournament's Class 3 rounds (first round) by either:
1. Winning at least 3 Exhibition Matches OR
2. Reaching Level 5

Former OC tournament champions who wish to participate will qualify for Class 2 matches later in the tournament.

How to Participate in Exhibition Matches:
Participants may challenge another person's OC to an Exhibition Match in one of two ways:
- Send me a note issuing the challenge to another participant's OC. This option is available until July 11th, 2018.
- Publicly issue the challenge in the "Exhibition Match Area" channel of the Discord server.

If the challenged participant declines:
That's okay. You are free to challenge another person's OC.

If the challenged participant accepts:
- Voting will commence immediately in the Discord server's Exhibition Match Area.
- Exhibition Matches will last 3 Days, and each OC will begin with 50 Health.
- Match will proceed as normal, and XP will be awarded as normal.

You will be notified of the challenged participant's decision once it is made, regardless of their answer.

Don't worry about losing. The OC is free to participate in more Exhibition Matches, and losing an Exhibition Match doesn't eliminate an OC.


The tournament's qualifying period will end August 28th, and the tournament itself will begin September 1st. All OCs that qualify before August 28 will participate in the tournament.

Remember, to qualify for the tournament, the OC must do one of these three things:
1. Win 3 Exhibition Matches to qualify for Class 3 matches.
2. Reach Level 5 to qualify for Class 3 matches.
3. Former OC tournament champions qualify for Class 2 matches later in the event.

Good luck to all! If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note.

OCs Qualified for Tournament: *Indicates confirmed participant.
Alyna (Class 3, Level 5)
Amber (Class 3, Level 5)
Eddy (Class 3, Exhibition Wins)
*Ella (Class 3, Level 5)
*Fiona (Class 3, Level 5)
*Hana (Class 2, Champion)
Jewel (Class 3, Exhibition Wins)
*Jim (Class 3, Exhibition Wins)
*Lexi (Class 3, Exhibition Wins)
*Lyra (Class 3, Exhibition Wins)
*Megan (Class 2, Champion)
M.G. (Class 2, Champion)
*Misa (Class 3, Exhibition Wins)
*Molly (Class 3, Level 5)
*Moyo (Class 3, Level 5)
Retro (Class 3, Level 5)
*Serina (Class 3, Exhibition Wins)
*Sherry (Class 2, Champion)
*Tracy (Class 2, Champion)
Xeres (Class 2, Champion)
*Zero (Class 3, Level 5)

OCs with Exhibition Wins:
Lexi (4/3)
Retro (4/3)
Amber (3/3)
Eddy (3/3)
Jewel (3/3)
Jim (3/3)
Lyra (3/3)
Misa (3/3)
Serina (3/3)
Dante (2/3)
Greg (2/3)
Jazzie (2/3)
Orion (2/3)
Cappi (1/3)
Ella (1/3)
Flare (1/3)
Fiona (1/3)
Kasumi (1/3)
Lance (1/3)
Lizabeth (1/3)
Loki (1/3)
Mr. Number (1/3)
Sonia (1/3)
Starly (1/3)
SWBTC (1/3)
Walcot (1/3)


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Hey Tp-Revamp is it ok want you can Allison and Lexi appear in a story I writing. It call Summer Festival a huge crossover with a lot character. Hana and Magen are going to appear in it as well. ^_^
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booman1 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2018
Thanks ^_^ also how big is both girl is?
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Allison is around 25’8” and Lexi is really any size. But Lexi is no shorter than 8’2”
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