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Just a Moment
"T-Trunks?"  Pan looked up, her ebony eyes locking with the lavendar-haired man's brilliant sky-blue pupils,  "Trunks, what's wrong?"  He didn't usually behave like this.  So quiet, so....on edge.  It scared her slightly to see him acting so'un-Trunks-like' for lack of a better word.  
"Pan I...." He started, but withdrew just as quickly, his pale cheeks flushing crimson.
The saiya-girl, in all her wariness, stepped foreward, putting a hand on his arm.  "It's okay, Trunks.  Whatever it is you have to say, I'm here.  There's no reason to be nervous."  
She smiled at him, only fueling the blush on his face and he fell back, turning away so she wouldn't have to see.
"No Pan, wouldn't...."
"Wouldn't what?"  She echoed curiously, hurt by his withdrawal but aware there must have been a reason for it.  
He sighed, his broad shoulders sagging fo
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Mature content
A Series of Fortunate Events :icontp-forever-club:tp-forever-club 1 0
Every time
Desclaimer: I OWN the plot, not the characters or the anime. Don't sue me!! Lol
" Hey Trunks..."
Trunks bit his lower lip, pacing back and forth in his living room.
" Yeah..."
He could hear Pan's voice trembling, she was getting scared.
" Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.."
Trunks started to pace faster, " Are you getting that creepy feeling too?"
she nodded into her cell phone, " Yeah, I am. I know what your thinking, follow it right?"
Trunks stopped, dead center in his living room. thinking, " Well maybe.. I don't know exactly.."
Pan looked to the other side of the street, watching, waiting.
" He said he was wearing a blue fleece right?"
Pan nodded into her phone once again, " Yeah, but.. What's a Fleece?"
Trunks chuckled, " I think its a sweater.. I dunno maybe a zip up sweater... not sure.. You'll have to tell me when you see him."
Pan laughed, she figured he was trying to make the situation more comfortable, " Yeah, I will."
They both laughed to themselves then sat in
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UPDATE: We have two new members with us. Kitty-Chu and YamakaiYoko.


FOUNDER: :iconlauraneato:

MODERATOR: :icongraelyn-chan:



Welcome to the first true Trunks/Pan club here on  This is the home for all those who love Trunks and Pan, both as friends and as perhaps more.  This site also applies to fanfiction of TP, as well as fan art.  If you like TP, then this is where it's at!

However, this group is intended for TRUE Trunks/Pan fans.  You have to be a hardcore Trunks/Pan fan, and love BOTH characters as individuals in order to accept them as a couple.

So therefore, two rules exist in this club:

1.  You must be a Trunks/Pan fan.


2.  You may not be in both the tp-forever-club and Anti-Pan-Club at once. It's either one or the other.  We don't want people who are Anti-Pan to join this club.  It totally goes against the nature of TP if you are a fan of bashing Pan.

Therefore, if you are a member of the Anti-Pan-Club, you have to discontinue membership before you can join this club.  I, the founder, lauraneato, have already discussed it with the founder of Anti-Pan-Club, otherwise known as Toni-the-Mink, and we have both come to terms with this second rule.  It's either one or the other.



ALL submissions MUST include at least Trunks and Pan... as in, both of them together, in some way, even in a thought bubble or reference.

If you are looking to post pictures of them individually, there is the newly-created GT-Trunks-Club, and numerous other sites and clubs you may join.



ALL favorites, submissions, and journals, deal with Trunks and Pan as a couple, either in friendship or romance.  As long as it includes at least both of them, in a positive atmosphere, then feel more than free to post it.  Honestly, don't feel afraid to offer your TP pieces to post.  This site is meant to collect Trunks/Pan media in any shape or form, for all TP fans to come across and enjoy.


This club is strictly TP-based.  ONLY Trunks-Pan pictures may be submitted and favorited.  However, if Marron or another character is in the picture or fanfiction, feel free to submit it, as long as it contains a friendly connection between all forms of Trunks and Pan.  



It's really simple!  All you have to do is watch the club!


REMEMBER:  You are not allowed to be in the Anti-Pan-Club, or any other Trunks or Pan bashing group if you decide to join this club.  This is for TP lovers only.

Also be mindful of etiquette.  Bashing is very rude, and there will always be the TP/TM controversy, so be sensitive to peoples' feelings.  All DA Etiquette policies apply.


Enjoy!  TP Forever!  <3


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For all true Trunks x Pan fans!!
United States
Favourite style of art: Anime


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Can you put these in the gallery please??

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I can not remember if I joined the group O_oU...

Anyway, it is the only group dedicated to the love of Pan and Trunks... My fav couple in all the DVZ/GT world >_<......

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