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Bond... James Bond

Finalmente tenemos al señor Bond en todas sus facetas. Todos los actores 'oficiales' y uno más, como un plus ya que el último no fue publicado en la revista. Por cierto, hay otra chica Bond que no subiré al DA, pero ustedes pueden checarla si hojean, o mejor COMPRAN la revista GAMERS No. 06. Aburr

And Finally, Mr. Bond, in all his shapes. All the 'official' actors. and the new one as a plus. It was not published on the magazine. By the way, There's another girl I wo'nt upload to DA, but you can see it if you read, or better BUY the GAMERS Mag No. 06
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This is awesome, this came out really good.
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Thanks a lot!! Nice you like it! :D
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The way you drew them, it's actually kind of believable that it's the same guy at six different stages of his life, even though each actor is still recognizable. Well done.
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When I was drawing them I was realising the features that were essential for the actor to play the Bond character, in a way, as you say, they all look like the same character in different life stages, maybe looking different in separate movies, but all belonging to the same universe :) 
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Nice artwork on the different Bonds!
(To James Bond theme) James Bond was created by Ian Fleming in the late 60s who was a secret agent in real life. He's James Bond James Bond James Bond James Bond. James Bond hides in the shadows like Batman and he can do awesome things that other superheroes can do. Don't mess with James Bond your henchman will get punched. James Bond hunts down Goldfinger in his plane and he gets sucked out of the window. The pun names are awful and the one liners that James Bond says are the worst! Did I mention that the comedic scenes suck(songs don't have to rhyme). Oh James Bond, James Bond, James Bond James Bond...James Bond Intro Scene 
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Isn't it a discredit to Daniel Craig to draw him with gelled back brown hair? Everything else here looks perfect with how you've drawn it - but that's not the hair Daniel Craig EVER had as James Bond. He's ash-blonde, and his haircut is not gelled back.
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Hi! Yeah, I know that the original version of Daniel Craig is Blonde, but when this illustration was made, we only had one photo of him on the 007 character, and we supposed hi will use the hair more black, following the tradition of dark-haired Bond. So, I was requested to do it dark, and when the movie was released, it was too late to change it. I also had to guess with the gun.

Maybe I should do a new version with the proper hair color on him and on Pierce Brosnan.
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Oh, okay. Yeah, that makes sense with the release date for it and what-not. ^^; Sorry.

But yeah, maybe that could be something to re-do? :)
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Yeah, I'll think about it :)
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i share my birthday with one of the actors who plays bond, timothy dalton!! :icon007plz:
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Your Daniel Craig is bad.
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(I know only Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig as James Bond,but  you made me want to see ll of the others who played 007) 
 Imagining a Doctor Who/James Bond episode.
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You mean Doctor no ? LOL
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Screw what the studios say. I still think the "many agents" theory is true ^ ^
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Perfect expressions on Lazenby and Craig! :D
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Nice! Check out my James Bond version?
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Awesome work on all of them :D
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I miss the days of brosnan as our previous 90s James Bond.
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I know, Die Another Day was excellent.
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