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Name: Balduin (Bald-win)
(Meaning: Bold Friend)
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Height: 34"
Weight: 100lbs
Build: Study, thick body with medium length, dense fur. Long, nimble legs.
Territory: Chandor
Rank: Kumu Lynx Totem (Gamma Hunter)
Marrok - 
Uncle, Deceased
Duncan - Adopted Son, Deceased
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    His parents certainly got it right when they named him - Balduin is bold. Bold, and foolish, and constantly chasing this dream of being some kind of hero. He would be always the first to charge head first, blindly, into a dangerous situation if it meant it might help somebody else. Combine this with the annoying habit of speaking his mind freely with no filter and Balduin can be hard to deal with in large doses and can easily get on anothers' nerves. Naive, he believes that everybody he meets will always be inherently good until proven otherwise - as he likes to always see the light in everybody and tends to miss the darkness that lies within some.
He thinks of himself as a funny, though often others would tend to disagree with this. He teases, and pokes fun, and has a bad habit of ebbing away at others until they snap, to which point he crumbles under their anger. It's because he has a hard time seeing the personal boundaries that shouldn't be crossed, and genuinely doesn't know that he is as annoying as he presents himself as. But through his flaws, his many, many flaws, there is a wolf with a heart of gold. If you can deal with his bothersome tendencies then you truly have a friend for life who'd be willing to lay down his life for you. These bonds aren't slow growing for Balduin either, and once there is the slightest hint of acceptance and the beginnings of a budding friendship its ride or die with him until the end.
Being on his own however has forced him to grow up a tad, and with time he has potential to become a wolf that commands respect and admiration of his peers. Right now, drowned in a sea of childish antics and naive behavior are rare moments of solemnity. When it comes right down to it, you'd be grateful to have him by your side in a time of need.

Pre-Group History: 

Balduin was born to a loving mother and father in a relatively small pack outside the domain. He was the eldest pup of their first litter together as newlyweds, and right from the start he was a lot to handle. He was larger than his two sisters from the first litter, and because of that as they grew older he played a lot more rough than they did. This caused him to be left out a lot and told to "leave the girls alone". Balduin loved his sisters, he never meant to hurt them when they were play-fighting. Lucky for Balduin he had a big family to take care of him and occupy his time, and for the most part this responsibility fell onto the shoulders of his uncle Marrok.
Marrok had been determined to make an "honorable wolf" out of Balduin, and thus took the young wolf under his wing. As he grew older this turned into the constant and daunting task of keeping him out of trouble, or "knocking some sense into him". He had a knack for getting into tricky situations. He couldn't help it; he wanted adventure. Their pack was just so normal. They weren't confrontational with neighboring packs, and while he was young food was plentiful. What was a young wolf to do? He looked for entertainment where he could.
Things changed when one day his "entertainment" came in the form of a mountain lion cub. He never intended to do it harm - he was still young himself. He wanted to play with the cub.
Unfortunately the cubs mother didn't agree with Balduins choice to befriend her cub, and made that quite clear when she attacked Balduin, chasing him far away from her den with his tail between his legs and his face covered in blood. He thought he was going to die - and when he reached the den his uncle was the first at his side. Once the initial scare was over, and he knew he was going to live the new fear became whether or not he was going to keep his eye. The packs medic was talented but it was a difficult injury. It was a long time before Balduin could even open his eye, and his vision was blurry. The reality of his situation was beginning to sink in as he tried to cope with the fact that he might not see clearly again.
Summer came and went, Balduin had practically made his home in the medics den - she liked to keep a close eye on him. But he was growing up and getting more and more restless and frustrated by the day. By the time the fall came around finally the blurriness had started to clear, and by the winter the vision in his eye had returned completely. It was a close call, and it was a wake up call for him. He eased back into his teachings, his duties and by the following spring had settled into his role as a hunter for their pack. Everything seemed to be perfect in his world. That was until his uncle told him of his plan to leave with other members of the pack. At first he fought the idea, and then when Marrok explained it to him he wanted to go with him. After all - it was his uncle who had kept him company during his recovery. He visited every day, continued to teach him what he could, would walk with him through the territory when he had been able to. Marrok was everything to him.
His uncle refused to let him come. He said he was a vital part to his family and that he had to stay. To appease his uncle, he did just that.
But when one of the members of the group returned home late that summer, explaining how "the group had disbanded shortly after leaving and that he couldn't make it on his own" Balduin made the easiest decision of his life: To go after his uncle.
He left his pack the next day, following the trail Marrok had after speaking with the wolf who had returned. When he eventually found the place where Marrok had been seen last he did his best to try and think like his uncle to try and piece together where he would have gone. Nobody said this would be easy.
Eventually this lead him into the domain, where he continued to search for any sign of his uncle.
However, his path didn't lead him to his lost kin as hoped but instead lead him to the borders of Chandor. Caught in a storm and disoriented the loner had wandered into the packs borders unknowingly, seeking shelter. In the muddy earth and dark the young wolf lost his footing, causing him to slide down an embankment and sprain his leg. He dragged himself to whatever shelter was nearby, a sparse bush which offered little protection from the rain where he was found by Nadia, Chandors alphess, and brought into Chandor.

Group History: 



Bullet; Yellow His scars itch like nuts so he often rubs and scratches them.
Bullet; Yellow The feathers he wear are from the the territory of his birth pack, found as he was exiting the territory. They mean a lot to him. (Falcon feathers). 
Bullet; Yellow In his travels he has had the company of females here and there, it wouldn't be far-fetched for Balduin to have sired a few litters that he's estranged to.

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