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Swimmers - The Arrival

This 1st in the "Swimmers" series is called "The Arrival".

This is the first of at least a series of two 2D mixed media manipulations of an abstract artistic 3D model I digitally sculpted & textured.

At the time of this creation, I was losing inspiration in creating art. I think it was because what I was creating in the past was not challenging to me anymore. I was becoming burnt out. I wanted to tell stories with a different artistic media outside of pure photo-art manipulations. I had done one 3D artwork in the past and it was fun and technically challenging as well. So I went back to 3D modeling to push my boundaries further. “SWIMMERS” was the first outcome from this move of integrating 3D modeling with 2D photo-art manipulation – mixed media.

I can spend time to explain the deeper meaning behind the sculpture as well as this first photographed angle of my sculpture, but I do think the symbolism and meaning is quite exposed for the viewer’s interpretation.

Some hints to help guide your thoughts on what I was trying to express... Yes, it is a man and woman and although they both appear as individual and whole in front - they do meld into one form. They each appear to be swimming...stroking... pulling forward yet each only has one arm to assist with this chore - ponder as to why this is the case? Yes, it appears they are swimming through a dark scary unknowing blackness surrounding them.

Now..... I will let your eyes absorb the art and let your mind interpret the data your eyes bring to it.

Background of the art:
- Created in a free 3D modeling tool called Sculptris

- Took me over 2 days to digitally sculpt this model. The hands and fingers were the hardest and getting the correct symmetry of the heads was also very hard. This this art you cannot easily see the work of the hands.

- A raw photo used as input to this art:

- The textures and painting on the 3D model was applied within the Scultris tool as well

- The Model was then camera positioned / angled in Sculptris and photographed using different light sources and exported to PS.

In PS I blended the photos of the model with a couple awesome textures from the amazing texture artist Pareeerica:

- Pareeerica's ENTITY: [link]
- Pareeerica's GREEN GRUNGE CEMENT: [link]
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I struggle for words, viewing this. There is a vision here; and in my mind, it's a visual description of human struggle. Crawling out of the darkness. Overcoming obstacles, personal or not. The raw texture makes the image gritty, more real, darker.

The joined-ness of the two indicates human connection. We're all together. We all feel. It's a human struggle-- our struggle, and I love the way you've shown this. Again, personal opinion.

I don't know quite what to say to this, other than beautiful work. I am still at a loss for descriptive and coherent words. Amazingly well created.