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Water Self Study Acrylic



Yes, I do traditional work sometimes, usually for school because then I can just steal my school's paints. =P I should really do more, instead of just doing paintings I'm forced to do, then I might improve in it at the same rate I do in digital work.

Unfortunately my scanner's pretty small and my piece is kinda big, yet I can't scan it in bits and stitch it because my scanner has a stupid lip so it gets a gap between its surface and the painting itself, so the colours go all dodgy, thus all I can do is take a bleedin' photograph of the thing at a stupid time of day and wish I'd done it earlier/had the patience to wait. =P Ugly lighting, and I do apologise for making the whole thing ever so slightly wonky when I took the snap.

This isn't finished yet(and probably never will be as long as I know I can keep layering paint on - good old opaque paint; this baby's gonna be three inches thick by the time I'm through with it :lol:) - it needs general smoothing out, bits and bobs editing, but for want of something better to do I thought I'd submit it.
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I know this is old but it's awesome! Any advice to work realistically with acrylics?