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Tutorial: Painting Skin in PS

I figured that a lot of my tutorials were getting a bit out of date for my method of working. =/ I know you guys still use them. I guess they need updating, but people have been asking me for a skin tutorial for AGES, so I did one and I hope it lives up to expectations.
Enjoy =)
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Hey, can anyone help me and tell what kind of brushes she used? 
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This could be exactly what I need! :D
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This is fantastic, thank you soo much for sharing!!
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Thanks for the tutorial! Really helps me a lot!
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very helpful! I like this :)

Though, I use Photoshop Elements 7, I'm not sure what you used for this but it certainly would help me for newer or older photoshop programs.
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Very nice tutorial, this is my site and think it would be great for us both if you submit some of your amazing tutorial
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Spamming much...?
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No. Just Love your tutorial and wanted to share it. If you think IM spamming sorry.
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It's not mine, but you should send a note to the creator if you ever want his/her art on your website.
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This is an awesome tutorial.

Also in this picture you look a lot like Summer Glau :3
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That's quite the compliment, thank you! :hug:
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Haha. You're welcome ^_^
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thank you a lot for this! I am a dummy! 
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You're welcome! My methods and style have changed a lot since I wrote this tutorial but I hope that you will get some use out of it!
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yeah it helps! I was looking for the colors mainly, and shading:)
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thank you for sharing!
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this is glorious
you are glorious for making this

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this guy real Sasuke :D
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...That's a woman. :lol:
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Sasuke's facial features are narrow and sharp, these are softer and rounder. And I'm pretty sure it's a female lol
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