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April 1, 2008
Many a time I have heard the frustration of members trying to perfect the look of realistic hair. Tutorial: Painting Hair in PS by *Foxbane will give you a better understanding in how to create natural look on more than one variation.Check out her gallery for sequels to this tutorial.
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Tutorial: Painting Hair in PS



You guys still seem to like this tutorial, but it's old and out of date so I apologise for that. Comments are now disabled, sorry!

I had an hour study period at school in which I had nothing to study and I couldn't work on commish without my notes (dA is banned at school for some dumbass reason), so I decided to make this... thing. =P The hair is particularly scruffy I think because it was produced within about an hour, and I just submitted this after checking the spellings and grammar at home (I bet there are still typos).

Anyway, this might provide a bit of insight into how I produce hair in my digital paintings. Yes, I know, I KNOW this is the trillionth hair tutorial on deviantART, but all I ever see are anime/manga style ones and I have never really found a tutorial for curly hair, so I figure someone out there might find this style useful. Maybe.

Oh yeah, and it's a big image. Watch out, those of you on slow connections.
Or rather, there's no need to watch out, but you might as well go and get a coffee whilst it loads or something.

There is now a part 2 here: [link]
And there is now a fur tutorial :D here: [link]
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finally an understandable tut on hair, thank u!:hug:
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