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Falling Water Tutorial



In a poll I made about which tutorial you would like to see from me, water came second - character/etc design was first, but that's a tutorial I'm going to have to think about to decide how best to present it, so I decided to rattle off this one in the meantime.

Despite the various tutorials I have (most of them very out of date for my methods and quality of work now) I don't think there's really any way I can tell you HOW to do something. Indeed, it has bothered me when I've seen some people use my tutorials to the letter, because (for instance) the specific lighting I used in my examples didn't fit in with the painting that they were doing, etc. So please just use this tutorial and my other ones to have a look at the method I used for that particular example, and try to extract from them instead some ideas for what to experiment with rather than a set way to do something. Experimentation will work for you far better than any method someone lays out for you set by step!
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you know after looking at this tutorial, it's making me rethink and work on the detail of my project lol. I'm just sitting here like "aww man... I have alot more to do". Thank you for making this tutorial *bows*