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I just had to do something Christmassy (but believe me, it was so hard not to put anything gory on this)! Here is the promised Dress the Reindeer game. You may have to download to full view, I'm not sure if dA is still being funny about these sort of files.

I'm gradually getting there with Flash. This is a more advanced dress up game than my last one (prettier too!). Don't drag and drop the clothes, just click them in the menu on the left. Each individual symbol is clickable - eg, the angel halo, wings, robes and shoes are all separate. If you want to get rid of the reindeer's clothes without finding and clicking them all in the closet, just click them whilst they're on the reindeer and they'll disappear.

Please tell me if there are any overlap issues (I already know about the scarf/bridle issue, thank you, hawkeye Michie [bitch =P] and can't fix it because the simple way of doing so makes it look stupider and I'm too lazy to fix it the proper way =D) . But bear in mind that some clothing combinations just weren't meant to be. ;)

Anyway - enjoy! And merry Christmas.
Pst. You can change his nose colour!
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