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Corvette Trinity Supercar Design Concept
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Published: March 30, 2012
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AT LAST! IT'S FINALLY FINISHED! :iconimhappyplz:


Yup, this took me nearly 8 months to get it finished but at last, it's all done :iconproudplz: Yup, I guess I can say, this is my ULTIMATE project so far.:)

The Corvette Trinity Concept is a design study of a high performance FMR Coupe for the year 2027 inspired by the trinity symbol, a Christian icon which shows harmony between 3 spirits.

 With comfort and luxury in vehicles becoming more and more important to consumers day by day, the Corvette Trinity concept reflects this trend by combining strong sports car heritage as well
as prestige and luxury of high end supercars. The Corvette Trinity is specifically targeted for buyers who strictly cares for luxury and comfort in a sports car as well as driving fun and out day track weekend racing event.

Done in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and yeah, it was extrmely tricky to do this, especially the surface and shadings but I guess it all came out nicely in the end:)

So please comment and tell me what you guys think about it, Thank you! :D

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Now, to move from 2D to 3D via Alias
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TamirDesignsProfessional Interface Designer
That is totally WACK 
Thumbs up bro
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toyondaProfessional Interface Designer… :D also check this out please. :)
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MisterVertalityHobbyist Writer
This looks fantastic, like it would give the 918 spyder a run for it's money! But, if I may ask, does this car use the LT series pushrod v8's (corvette c7 / zo7 engines) or something DOHC? Part of me imagines them making some one-off titanium sleeved, carbon fibre engine block version of an LT smallblock with variable intakes (like a 4A-GE red top) and a flatplane crank, just to make it special... yeah...   
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toyondaProfessional Interface Designer
thank you:)
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JerzeydiabloHobbyist General Artist
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toyondaProfessional Interface Designer
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ChlodulfaHobbyist Digital Artist
Great design!
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toyondaProfessional Interface Designer
thank you:)
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Hmm... Was there any inspiration taken from the FT-1 concept? Because that concept car too had an FR layout with the engine bay having a glass cover.
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toyondaProfessional Interface Designer
Sorry for you super late reply and yes. :)
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By the way, What's you're opinion on the GT-R LM Nismo appearing in this year's Le Mans?
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toyondaProfessional Interface Designer
Terrifyingly ugly. So ugly that thr Pontiac Aztek looks like Ariana Grande compared to it. But then, its super fast with its wtf FWD Layoutbso yeah.
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I kind of like it appearance-wise. I really think that the whole front section could have more curvature on it. That way it'll provide a similar look to the Panoz GTR-1.

As for performance... Although the stats look very impressive, This is a very big gamble on Nissan's part. If this car fails to perform at Le Mans this year, then this may end up blowing up in their face. Probably not as badly as it would've been if the GT-R Supercar failed, but it could still do serious damage to their rep and make them a laughing stock.
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VoodooHammerProfessional Digital Artist
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DragonDragooHobbyist Digital Artist
Dude, that's sweet. 
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Yeeessss!!!! Woohoo! Woohooooo! Shocked omfg

Magnificent, thank you! #1 Dance! 
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