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Just like in title :eyepopping:

So much time passed since the last journal and I'm dissapointed how wasted that time was if it's going about my drawing... But whatever. No promises. I just need to do my job and put here everything, even if it's shit :P To make something important.. TO MAKE HISTORY. In my own way. :iconharrassplz:
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:iconbummiesplz:HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015:iconbummiesplz:

I don't know how to begin, so firstly I'll share with you my today situation.
Sakura divider by NasikaSakura Bunny Emoji-07 (Emoji Cry) [V1] by Jerikuto..( ;_; ).. Bunny Emoji-07 (Emoji Cry) [V1] by Jerikuto Sakura divider by NasikaSakura
Since all this day I'm quite sad and angry with my PC. :( It made for me a "good" surprise at the end of the year and decided to make my life a mysery (^-^"). So far I didn't manage to solve this problem, but I'll be trying until the end. There's a problem with some urlmon.dll file and it makes my XP system iconless and I can't do some  things such as for example watching videos in the internet or the more important ones as even opening the folders. T_T Heeeelp. Now I'm writing in Windows 7 but here I have just nothing... :crying: rvmp by Bad-Blood

Free Divider-Pusheen by Tinystrawberri Free Divider-Pusheen by Tinystrawberri

And if it's going about 2014 I can say it was quite a pleasant year :) There weren't any specially bad or good events in my life. But in arts respect it was so awful... I did almost nothing! (T_T) Therefore I promised myself to draw more in this year! :D

Cherry Blossom ~ Divider by NimyluPLANS Cherry Blossom ~ Divider by Nimylu
As now I have not any further plans, but today I made 4 sketches referring to Naruto :) And in some time I'm gonna realize them. It will be:

:bulletpurple: Sasori&Deidara (not yaoi)
:bulletpurple: Konan

:bulletpurple: Naruto
:bulletpurple: Sasori

I don't expect any changes in my mind, but someting may slip between these concepts. :P As now I have motivation for Naruto, but I don't know how it will be after I'll have these artworks done. :)

ANYWAYS I love giving llamas :P
  Llama jump by Droneguard Llama Merchant by KinnisonArc Llama Truck by KlauS92 chasing llama by fear-the-brilliance Giddy Up Llama by atnezau Llama Love by atnezau run llamas run by fear-the-brilliance
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