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Statement by Toyoki-san Statement by Toyoki-san

:iconexclamation-pointplz:PLEASE READ:iconexclamation-pointplz:

This is a painting for the TheDigitalWorldOfArt 's contest about Egypt. Information about the contest I've accidentally read while cleaning the notifications and it seemed interesting to me. At that time, I had a lot of different thoughts after reading many articles on the Internet and watching various videos about current world's problems. I felt a great desire of shedding my thoughts "on paper". I decided to present them through this image.</em>

Generally our world scares me as hell... Although it seems it was so since the beginning ... The picture shows my vision of this world. It is a statement of fact about the fall of love, and request to teach future generations of sensitivity and love, because they are the only way to create a new and better reality. Today, many people are too deep in the dark to be able to change.

Isis, as the personification of the ideal mother and wife as guardian families, fertility goddess symbolizes the entire human community of the world. Ra - the Sun God, the creator of the world and order in the universe with Set - the symbol of the storm, darkness and chaos, reflect the dual nature of man. Each person has the ability to do both good and evil. However, Ra seems to be absent in the picture. His eyes are closed. Out of the three, only Set has them open. This means that although people can do good, in today's world it is almost unnoticable, compared to the amount of evil. Also, when it comes to looking to the future, humanity follows the dark side, because only Set is able to foresee its future. Even if Isis is also trying to see the future of the world, she is not able to see anything but darkness. She's sad. She's kneeling and in a pose as if she was about to get her face down in the request for a better tomorrow for the world and for Ra (the light and goodness) to finally awake inside the people. She prays for love, which is currently so little in the world. Above her head is the sun of Ra, which symbolizes, anyway, watching over warmth and light for humanity (Isis). I believe that one day goodness will win. But the key to this is currently only the education of future generations. The weight coming from the womb of Isis shows that future generations do not yet have a defined fate. As on the Osiris' court, if the heart is severer than Maat's feather, the person is given up to Ammit to be killed and eaten, there is still hope that the hearts of future generations will become lighter than the feather of Maat. That is also what Isis is praying for. To make Anubis holding off his judgement and not writing off the humanity yet. Our task is to sensitize the new generations and to learn them true love, because this is the only way the world will become a place each of us subconsciously dreams of. An oasis of peace, respect and understanding ...

On the both sides of the artwork you can see the Anubis dogs and Bastet cats. What I want to highlight is the fact that currently values ​​such as home fire, love and joy (what is the goddess Bastet) are falling down. They are buried alive in many places in the world. Therefore, Anubis, who plays a funeral role, is sitting on Bastet. He also measures the heart during the final court of Osiris. In the picture you can see that he has not decided yet about the fate of future generations.

A titbit and  an apposition are hieroglyphics on both sides. For a long time I was looking for the meanings in a hieroglyphics' dictrionary on the internet and appropriate words to give a short message. It is not grammatical or I'm not sure if hieroglyphs actually mean what I've found they meant, but you may be able to find them online. That's what they should mean:</sup>

Over the wings from top to bottom - black, blood, born, suffer, peace

This means that every person is born with an element of evil inside. Some people may prefer to call it 'original sin'. The Imperfection flows in our veins. Due to the gradual growth of that, more and more people are able to harm others. Therefore, de facto, we all here are born to suffer, because of the evil in people there is no other way. However, at the same time we are also born to peace. This is one of the basic needs of the human subconscious. Everyone wants to find inner peace, whatever it means. That's why we should also aim at it.

Below the wings - sun, soul, to go, life, effort, house

I wish that upon every soul shines the sun and make it bright in the darkness. I believe that inside each of us is also a good element that is lightening our interior and encourages to do goodness. But it requires considerable effort to follow such a path. It is not easy to do the right things, to respect and love others, but only those acts and only love will create a true paradise and the world, that we can call our home.

At the bottom of the outside to the inside - to notice, love, to be difficult, life (in the middle)

People should notice that love, though difficult, is the golden middle and solution to many problems of this world. Ankh necklace means life, but for me the love and life are the same. Thanks to the love, life is being created and life is being rescued. Love sensitize and its greater number in the world would mean that people could take a better care of the weal of our planet as well as for the weal of every creature.

That is how I please you, world. Make peace, spread love, no wars, no lies, no hypocrisy, no abuse :iconohshitplz:



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drache108 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So beautiful, i LOVE it :heart:
MoonRises Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016
I think I've fainted. Nod Nod I am a dummy! Love Heart 
TimNykyri Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Interesting. Egyptian art is really inspiring. Without any mythology. Their aesthetic creations are one of the most inspiring periods in the history.
atram95 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
Likopinina Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2016
Great piece!
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