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and the zebra said :

" Don't worry,..Follow me ! "
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This is so cute! I like the girl's shoes too.
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I love this one.
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lol what a hottie :P
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suka sekaliiiii ama yang ini,fav yaaa
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yang ini gokil juga hahaha
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I just love this scene, so quirky and funny :giggle:!!
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Ahaha, this is made my day, right here. XD
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Brilliant! Love it!!!!

I think ive seen your art before :)
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How did you find that! Hah!
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haha what a clown
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This is kinda funny.
I love it. ^_^
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omg, this is so cute ♥
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I want to wear a zebra suit, :P.
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carefree world 8) :heart:
good capture. ;D
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You just made my whole day! ^^
And it's 6:30am here XD
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banyak juga ya comment untuk foto ini, gw juga mau ikutan...Mantab gan...haha...
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zebra crossing... keh keh
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hahaah thats so cute and funny. great shot!
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