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*nampaknya mereka tidak memerlukan foto ini.. jadi saya aplot saja di sini.. selamat menikmati !!
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I LOVE HIS FACE!!! ..............okay....that sounded mildly creepy..... LOL but I do! haha
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hey just to say i tweeted this photo by i added yor name(:
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Keren Sumpah!! Itu moto sendiri gan?
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iyah mas..kamsia..kamsia..
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very pretty...i love the lighting!
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lightingnyaaaaaaa.. suka bangett
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ya ollooohh cakeeppnyaa
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He is a fucking beautiful man.
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I'm so jealous you had the opportunity to photograph him! This is beautiful :heart:
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I'm in love with Jason Mraz <3
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I love this photo of him, he looks great!
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keren. gw fav bro.
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This is an excellent photo of Jason Mraz. I love his hat!
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where'd you take this?? :)
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in march. before his concert in jakarta. indonesia
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how i love that man
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cool ! gmana bs foto kaya gini ?
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ok gonna act a little bit like a fan with me..xD ........

OH MYYYY GODDD!!!! ...IT'S JASON MRAZ!!! :love: :love:...i soooooooooooooo love his songs.. it always cheers me up!!! ..he's like my private oasis :excited:...and he's soooooo ammmmazing!!!..i can't believe ..u had the opportunity to meet him in person..luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~ :love:.. i am soo obsessed with his song.. :flirty:...

uuhhhhm~ ..ok...i finished ^^; .. i bet ur rolling ur eyes by now..and thinking...wat the hell?? xD ..but ya..^^"
now back to being serious...^_^"

"your photography skills shows your unique style, and the touch of light gives it the seance of dynamic and depth, and it's a very smart choice choosing the black and white instead of colors I think it's more appealing":) ..
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