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Name: Ronja Pus Miss Hiss
Sex: Female
Best Shot: Love Me
Love Me by ToygerCat

Fur: Short straight
Fur Color: White with dark brown spots (with stripes on)
Eye Color: Yellow and green
Type: Rouge House Cat
Personality: Wild, Playful
Favorite Food: Chicken and fine expensive meat ;)
Will pose for food: She's a great poser =D
Bites: Often, and hard.....
First Meeting: Just outside my house, she was Famished and dirty
Date found:June 6th 2005
Live: Inside
Born: Spring 2005
Parenthood: Mother of five, then fixed

Counted from the day I found her as a stray. She was still a kitten, date unknown


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After Felix died in February (05), I missed him allot =(
Now I had no cat to cuddle when I was alone or sad. I'm used to being with my cat each and everyday.

One day while I was siting on my computer I heard my moms friend call my name from downstairs (she lives 10 meters from us ;) ) I went out of my room to see what it was about, just to find that She was holding the most adorable kitten I've ever seen!!!
I immediately knew! That was my cat! Even before she said what it was all about.

The kitten was thin, hungry and dirty. She had found her by her dog pen, she was actually teasing the dogs :XD:
She was in need of food, love and a home.
She thought of me immediately, as I was a cat lover =^_^=

Both my mother and I see allot of Felix in her. She has the same tiny body, and the face is so alike (even if the fur pattern is completely different)
We believe that she must be from his last litter (he was seen with a queen in heat shortly before he died)
We also play with the thought that it might be him, reborn ;)

We did put up fliers, but moth my mom and I felt wrong about it: It WAS our cat, she came to us. It felt right, like she had always been ours.
So if this cat is Felix, then he came home. And this time healthy, and we let him be in doors ;)
We had her out doors at first, in case she wanted to go home, but she never was out for long.
Mostly she just visited the cat next door, and lured him to come back home to us ;)
Buster is a sweetheart of a Norwegian forest cat (he was also a stray, but he looks allot like that breed, but we can't be sure)
As he is fixed we didn't have to worry about him and her being together ;)

We didn't hear from anyone, so now it was decided: She was our cat from now on.
After the problems we'd had with our other cats being out doors, Felix being gone for long periods and getting in to fights (witch is likely the reason why he got sick and died) and Fixi becoming a rouge and adopted by someone else, we decided to make her a in door cat.

Also see Top 10 Reasons to Keep Cats Indoors

She seemed to like being in doors too, so it wasn't a hard choice.
I used whole salaries just on her stuff ;)
I had to by everything, as my other cats barely had anything inside the house.
Only thing we had was a traveling cadge, a food bowl, a fur brush and a very few toys (Felix was to lazy to play anyway, I tried ;) )
I had to by litter box and all the necessary equipment (litter remover, litter salt and so on)
All in door cat's should have a climbing tower (it has a scratching post, a sleeping house and is three stories tall for her to climb, with a perfect window gazing spot on the top, with toys hanging from it to incur scratching on the scratching post)
She uses every part of it, her favorite spot is the window seat ;)
If she sees a bird she makes the cutest, hardest to explain, miaowing/purring/murring/cheeck bone clicking sound :XD:
It's a extremely cute sound! =^_^=

I also bought a new food bowl, a full grooming set and a cuddly bed (Thats where she is if she's not in the tower)
She wasn't fully house trained, going in the plants and on other soft surfaces like the sofa... :XD:
But it didn't take long for her to understand where that was suppose to be done ;)
The only accident we have had lately was while I was changing the litter ( she had a upset stomach cause of the pregnancy and couldn't hold it in while I changed the litter)
We never had much problems with scratching on furnitures either, except for on a wooden decoration plate that could look a bit similar to the flat type scratchers, but it didn't take much damage as she so understood that it was a no no ;) )

The only real problem we've had is her bitting. She is extremely playful, and mostly just bites for play. But as she bites to hard I end up with big bloody scratches from her teethes riping my skin open (luckily I got all the shots needed in the army, so I should be safe for at least a year, as they are needed to be taken yearly if you risk dangerous infections in wounds from animal bites)
But being in door, the risk of her carrying a dangerous source is smaller, but it's there non the less....

We have tried to make her stop, but never had to much luck with it.
But then I found many good tips at About (cats)
It's starting to work too. She bites allot less now, and seems to be happier too, as she probably understands better whats going on.
That side is extremely good. I've got so many tips I don't know where to start!
I've even learned how to teach my cat to do learn new things out of habits (If I go to the door she follows me, I can even get her to looks threatening and stand on her back feet (looks like a kangaroo in this pic )
She does that as part of playing, then comes to my hand for a snack ;)
Witch makes her a great poser (but only when she feels like it, when she doesn't she just makes this face :XD:
But thats a funny photo face too ;)

She also walks on a leash. Not to much the way I want yet (only when we walk home, then she runs in front almost dragging me along: she's such a homey cat =P )
Most of the time I just have her on the leash out in the yard on a 5 meter long small dog line (the kind that automatically rolls up in the handle/container)

But I guess the biggest and most important part at the moment is this:
She had her first heat in December/January. They came sooner and sooner, and she desperately showed us that she wanted to have babies.
I guess I let my cat control me more than I should, but after reading back and forth I found info that suggested that most cats settle down more if they get to be pregnant once. They're kinda satisfied with being parents once, even if they'd preferred having more kittens. They will have easier heats after. My mother agreed to that too, seen from her own perspective. Having children was one of the most impotent things in her life, but once she had one child she could have been satisfied with that if needed, even if she wanted more. I also found one side that suggested that queens that have one litter round the age of one seemed to get some sort of benefit out of it that made them live a longer and happier life. But the most important info found was that in door cats should always be two, as humans cant replace not having other cats around. We will keep one of the kittens so she can have some cat company.

If those suggestions are true, I don't know. But I do know that it didn't pose a big thret of getting FIV, as Norway is probably one of the strictest lands when it comes to pet viruses, with strict quarantines and pet care. It even hit the news for a whole week when five cats got FIV in a huge city, so people would take their cats inside and to the vet if it showed any signs, so they could stop it right away.
Last I heard was that they found a stray with FIV, so they stopped it with him. The five infected house cat's most likely got home quarantine (not allowed to be in contact with non infected cats)

As she didn't go outside the yard, I could make sure that it was a non spayed house cat.
She just cent marked and called for them with a dark, loud voice. Didn't take long for her suiters to come ;)
I saw a total of three cats: One that looks like a bigger version of my tiny Felix, a orange/white cat (clouded type pattern) and a gray teddy (fluffiest kind of fur, short but curled in the softest and most cuddly looking kind)
The gray one was definitely the highest ranking one. The other males had respect for him, probably been beaten by him in earlier fights. I also know where this guy lives. Two streets down, same one as my best friend Muffi

I didn't watch the mating, but I watch some of the fore play. They were just siting there looking at each other. Mostly just the two of them, but sometimes also the orange one (the black and white one was a bit skitty, and probably ran of) I was also able to pet the gray male, as he was used to me (I've petted him many times when I walk by his house) When petting him he also lifted his tail, and he definitely had his gear ;)

The mating was a success. She is now this big
It's today 64 days since mating, and a pregnancy takes between 57 and 69 days.
So she'll give birth any time now :love:

I can't wait to pic out the kitten I want to keep =^_^=

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WildMystic's avatar
That was a really nice storry in some parts of it. glad everything worked out so far. I walk my cats on a leash too. also all mine are indoor, but are old female that never leave's the yard. since all my cats are indoor I had alot less of vet bills....
ToygerCat's avatar
Honestly, I only been to the wet two times ;)
Except for my cat felix being cronicly ill, without anything we could really do about it (never understood what it was either, all we know is that it couldn't be helped) no one of my cat has had any problems. We didn't give them shots either. They didn't get sick.

And Ronja is an indoor cat, so she's pretty safe =)

And yay, she's now a mother to five kittys!
WildMystic's avatar
I'm nots ure it's true or not, but I've notice when kittens get taken away from mother's to early they have problems later in life. since one of are cats was a abandon barn cat, and now he's having healling problems now. and few other things I've hear. and I think it also counts with rabbits too...
FireKatCat's avatar
awww!..all my cats go in and mom thinks they enjoy it more and actually can be healthier...cause I had one cat that would spray..and she was well a GIRL! we made her gon outside and now she always wants to be out..(excpet for when shes hungry)and shes lost some weight..she was a little over weight when we got her..
ToygerCat's avatar
It's deffenitely not healthier ;)
Well, getting fresh air is good, but thats what leashes are for. Cat's that go free will most defenitely get in contact with other cats, witch is a danger to infections. Also tics and other creapy crawlers cary deadly infections

As long as a cat has enought toys to play with, they don't mind being indoor
FireKatCat's avatar
Yah...are cats just have been outdoor/indoor all there lifes and my oldest is almost 10 and he still acts like a kitten..then ally whos almost 7 and midnight whos almost 2 and Muffin whos 5....Muffin and Chester sprayed when we kept them indoors so..yah...let them out...and theres not any other cats in the neighborhood..
ToygerCat's avatar
If there isn't any other then it's a bit safer atleast. I'm just a scardy cat ;)
Many cats in my area has been taken by preditors. Cats are not on the top of the list like the lions =(
FireKatCat's avatar
oo..yah..maybe it is better in your keep them in.
ToygerCat's avatar
The pretitors aply to any area of the world thou...
There are always something, like a fox, ermine or wild ferret
FireKatCat's avatar
yah...I actually think we only have foxes where live but I have never seen them.
ToygerCat's avatar
I've never seen any either, not wild ones atleast
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