Kittens of Ronja

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Kittens of Ronja

Names: Eevee, Muta, Duma, Sylvia and Sylvester
Sex: Female (4), male (Sylvester only)
Best Shot: Mom Dont Go
Mom Dont Go by ToygerCat

Fur: Long 2, Middle 1, Short 2
Fur Color: Black 1, White 1, Gray 3. All had stripes and white areas. The white one had gray striped spots
Eye Color: Yellow-green 1, Dark brown 4
Born: May 24th 2005, In the middle of the night, I witnessed it
Parenthood: All believed to be fixed before ever getting kittens


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I will never forget when the kittens was born :aww:
I came up to my room after getting ready for bed. Ronja, who never wants to be petted, suddenly craved attention while purring and stroking her head against me. She climbed up on my lap while purring lowed and clear. I had expected it to be today, even written so here on DA "I thin it will happen tonight". While she was sitting on my lap she started pushing; I could see the little tail sticking out!!!
I immediately put her in the box with towels we had made for her. She sat in a "pooping" position, and tried to push it out, but had some trouble getting it all the way. You could see the tail come out, then go back in, several times =P
According to what I've read kittens are born 50% head first and 50% tail first =)

She jumped back out on the floor, and came over to me again. She practically sat in my lap when the kitten finely was born =^_^=
She seemed a bit clueless, turning about while the kitten was still stuck to her (by the navel chord)  So I gently held her in my hand while she was still stuck, to keep her from harm. The mother seemed to appreciate it =)
After a short clean up, the second one was born. While she was cleaning up number two, sitting in a position that made the kitten unable to suckle, I held the tiny little toddler in my hand. It was so magical!
Before the third was born mom left the kitten on the floor to go in to the house on the scratching post. She then put her head out, looked me in the eyes and meowed. I know cat, she said: "Bring them to me?" ;)

It seemed a bit small, she had trouble giving birth there. So after one more kitten I took the kittens to the box we had made for her. When I tried to take mom out she refused. But as soon as i got her in to the box she noticed: "Oh, their here ^^; "
She gave birth to the last two in that box. Five in total (two on floor, one in scratching post house, and two in the box)

I spent any and every available time with the kittens. I watched them grow, while taking photos and filming them.
I took many thousand photos of them, with 8 MegaPixl camera they take up about 50 Gig I believe =P
Thats why, many months later, I'm still capable of putting up great kitten photos you have yet to see.
I generally pick a week (I have sorted the photos on weeks old), look through the few hundred photos in that folder, pick my favorite out of many that I love, then after a post production in Photo Shop I upload it. Do the same with stock, just without any post production.
I have 12 folders, all of them has at least 5 photos I consider to make print, and 10 I consider making stock.
But picking the right photo in the sequence of many similar, the post production and uploading takes time, and i want them to last as well, so I only upload a few at a time (Once print and one stock a week lately)

All the kittens got fine homes =^_^=
But the weird thing is, they were given away from last born to first born, without exception! =P
They were born: Eevee - Muta - Duma - Sylvia - Sylvester
They were given away: Sylvester - Sylvia - Duma - Muta - Eevee is still with mom
I noticed that today =P

I'm glad they all got new homes, but I miss them allot :')

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Hi ima new watcher so I don't know this but do you ever give your kittens away?
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Wonderful. I love cats so much, i loved looking at these pictures.
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Aww, that's a cute story. It reminds me of when my cat Squeakers gave birth to seven. 5 girls and 2 boys. She didn't really get the whole thing either.
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Thanks =^_^=

yeah, it's often like that with first timers =)
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwes
i <3 them
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