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Renegade Rapunzel

By ToxicFlint
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:iconrapunzelplz:> "What do you mean, there's an Elcor romantic option?!"

Thank you ZephyrFey, Winner of my 400 points for the best caption competition. Enjoy them! And thank you everybody who had a go, I appreciate the lovely comments and great one liners.

I wanted her to choose the Renegade path for her role of Fem-Shep from Mass Effect. Thus, she's all scarred up. I was trying to portray a moment where Shepard has just verbally lashed out at someone with the most outlandish response and her squad members are utterly shocked she'd come out with it. I then made a competition for 400 points out of Shepunzel's Renegade Interrupt.

A crossover piece with credit to Disney for the Character Design, EA games for the Mass Effect elements; and a hint of 'Dreamworks' in the background. Image at 1920 x 1080 for wallpaper download for those of you who would like it.

Taken around 30 hours total to put this together, enjoy!

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you can also find me here:
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This is hilarious..
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Just realize the three blind mice in the background x3
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Whoops I mean three little pigs x))
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This is daft as hell. I love it.
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It's so cool to finally meet the guy that made this! It's freaking awesome btw, this is a perfect cross over and the dancing pigs are just too funny. 
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Thats a neat spin on mass effect and rapunzel.
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I like this!!
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I really like all your stuff, it's so much fun! :)
This render really puts me there, with some great reactions and faces :heart:
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This is amazing!! : DD
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I was a paragon in Mass Effect, but there are times you just need to be renegade awesome picture btw.
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wow :D this is so great :D
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wowwwwwwww! this is so cooolll!
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im still trying to figure out what im lookin at
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30 hours, and they have been totally worth it!
(I laughed like a lunatic at Garrus! XD)
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I so want this to be a movie now! :heart:
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One of the most awesome crossovers ever :D
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Too add, she oddly looks like Kim Possible.
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Mass Effect in MY Tangled?!!!! *Jams Credit card into USB slot*
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Quirky crossover, loving it ^_^ Don't know how Rapunzel would do as a SPECTRE but that expression is priceless. 
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Wow~! I love Mass Effect and Rapunzel. :love:
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