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Melekure Stables Ballator

Inclina ad Regem Daemonis

:bulletblack: Mountain Ballator Stallion :bulletblack:


Name: Inclina ad Regem Daemonis (Bow before the Demon King)
Barn Name/Nickname: Calev, Demise or Demon King
Sex: Male, Stallion
Breed/type: Mountain, Heavy Draft
Age: 6 Years Old
Height: 22hh
Discipline: Hunting - Large Game
Genotype: Blue Roan Tobiano Tuxedo Calva - Ee/aa/nR/nT/nCal/nTx
Rarity: 13 (Medium)
Black Base +0
Roan +1
Tobiano +1
Calva +1
Tuxedo +2
Extra Horn Set +2
Pastel Horns +2
Full Back Mane +2
Spiral Horns +1


Personality/History: It should also be noted that Calev is spoiled rotten at the Melekure Stables and he greatly enjoys belly rubs as well as a good chin scratch or scratches behind the ears. Giving him a nice pheasant or any bird as a snack will also earn you bonus love from him. He literally is the DEMON king in terms of his personality as he is quite stubborn and extremely strong willed. He feels as though he is far more superior to any other ballator out there and will often times knock heads with most stallions. Despite all of this, Calev is an extremely loyal horse who will do everything to protect his herd and caretakers.

Quirks: Big giant fluffy pillow, he loves belly rubs and chin scratches and will really melt when someone gets him right behind the ears. Does not like sweet treats and prefers things like pheasants and small animals as rewards or snacks.

Additional Notes
Calev's size is based around the Largest horse in the world, Big Jake. Meaning that his size is a complete and totally random nod of luck. Foals born from him will likely not inherit his height and therefore should remain within the proper limits of standard Mountain Ballators. Things to note with Calev is his manes are softer and far more fluffy, they grow at a rapid rate and tend to become very long to the point where he needs to have them trimmed every few months and his large canines are longer than normal almost saber like. His lower horns grow out to look like curled ram horns while his upper horns curl upwards and curl to the point where the tips are about to touch, they do not fuse together at the tip.

Foal Notes
:bulletgreen: Foals from Calev should inherit the following:
- Heavy and Muscular build even if they are not full blown Draft Ballators
- Larger than normal Fangs even if Female, saber like in structure
- Manes will be long and fluffy, totally meant for cuddle material
- Only horns around the nose, and chin are common for extra horns generally horns on the face are commonly inherited. Read Below for others.
Bullet; Red Foals will NOT Inherit or Rarely Inherit
- His Large Size is a VERY RARE trait in which 1 in every 100 foals will likely have. Most foals will NOT inherit this large size.
- Horns on the Backs of Foals if they have the Full Back Mane that Calev has will not be likely. This reasoning is because his manes are generally so long and so thick it makes horn growth in that area impossible.
- Horns anywhere where his thick manes grow, while it is possible for horns to appear on the shoulders and possibly the neck most areas are hindered by his large amounts of heavy fluff and manes. This includes areas such as his rump, elbows, back (as mentioned above), and neck.


                 ------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
                 ----------------- SS: Unknown
                 ------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
          ----{Sire: Unknown
         |       ------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
         |       ----------------- SD: Unknown
         |       ------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
Inclina ad Regem Daemonis
         |      ------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
         |      ----------------- DS: Unknown
         |      ------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
          ----{Dam: Unknown
                 ------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
                 ----------------- DD: Unknown
                 ------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Username | Status | Mate | Resulting Foal 
700 :points: without Breeding Picture, 500 :points: with Headshot Breeding Picture (Background) or 300 :points: with Fullbody Breeding Picture (Background)
Will Accept Artwork in trade for a Slot
The Melekure Stables: Breeding Agreement
1) Mine | Used | B-1117 Imparatrix | B-1349 for ToxicCreed
2) Mine | Used | 402 | Melekure Stables | Somnium Nocte | 1342 for ToxicCreed
3) Mine | Unused | GH-007 | Ex Ira | Rental Pending
4) Mine
5) Mine
6) naomithewolf | Used | #189 - Taylor | 1505 for Me
7) werewolfluva | Unused | 1379 flos(flower) | Foal Pending
8) Brok3nD0ll | Used | 319 Sanguineum Maria | 1788 Sanctae Consuasor
9) Private
10) CrestedCreativity | Used | B-187 Domina Nubium | B-1499 Design Holder
11) wardhighlands | Used | 574 Severiorum Dominae | B-1352 for Me
12) Grimhoof | Used | 402 | Melekure Stables | Somnium Nocte | Foal Pending (Art Payment)
13) Open
14) Closed
15) Closed


This Reference +1 Stat
Equus Ballator: Do NOT Disturb Us...
Toxic coloring again - +5 Stats
Proud pairing - +8 Stats

Gaits: 0
Dressage: 0
Jumping: 0
Intelligence: 7.5
Stamina: 0
Speed: 0
Strength: 6.5
(Total: 14  - Novice )

Accepted Foal/import Design: Sd 020 For Toxiccreed By Songsthedeadmensing D8goq
Registration Note: Registration Note
Reference Image was drawn by the wonderful naomithewolf Heart Thank you so much hun! This looks gorgeous Heart
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I'll use my slot with flos ^^ thank you so much toxic sorry it took so long to decide