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1869 | Melekure Stables | The Dreadqueen



Melekure Stables Ballator

Mortiferum Principem Inferorum

:bulletblack: Mountain Ballator Mare :bulletblack:
"And just what do you want? Haven't seen a mare with a huge set of horns before asshole?"
Dread was born without manes due to Hannibal's curse. She is NOT a Bald Ballator and does not have the Bald Mane Mutation~
:star: 10/15/16 Dread has been blessed by High Lord Aether to have Hyalus!
:star: 10/15/16 Dread has been blessed by High Lord Aether to have Aetherian Mutation!
:star: 11/27/16 Dread has been blessed by High Lord Aether to have Extra Horns!

ID: 1869
Name: Mortiferum Principem Inferorum (Deadly Princess of Hell)
Barn Name/Nickname: Dreadqueen or simply Dread also called Deadly Princess
Sex: Female, Mare
Breed/type: Mountain, Muscular and Very Bulky
High Lord Gifts: 1869 Mutations1869 Extra Horns
Siblings: HellbladeRedhelm
Age: 3 Years Old
Height: 16hh
Discipline: UPFA Pit Fighter
Genotype: Color Shifted Black Mismarked Snowcap Calva Hornstripe - Ee aa LpLp (PATN2) CalCal nHs
Rarity: 29 (High)
Black +0
Snowcap +1
Calva +1
Hornstripe +2
Intense Horn Color +3
Spined Horns (Headset) +2
Single Horn (Unicorn, Spined) +5
Hyalus +5
Aetherian Mutation +10

UPFA Pit Fighter
Pit Fighter
Initiation Image: 1869 Dreadqueen | UPFA Initiation
Rank: Boxer
Items: Studded Shoes
Attack Strength: 13
"I look forward to the day when I get to face my dearest mother in battle... it will be bloody... like two titans clashing..."
Initiation: +1AS | +1I | +1S
Studded Shoes: +2AS | +2I | +1S
Advent Calendar: +10AS 


{Cruel} {Bitch} {Vicious} {Warmonger} {Brutal} {Destructive} {Prideful} {Egocentric} {Vain} {Hateful} {Sociopathic} {Murderous} {Sinister} {Manipulative} {Heartless} {Ruthless}
If her mother Maria is the Boogeyman that was spoken of to scare young, innocent foals then Dreadqueen is the Devil that they speak of that will make young foals piss themselves. Dread is every bit her mothers child and she takes after Maria in the worst of ways... she took from her mothers bitterness, resentfulness and everything else and made it a thousand times worse. Dread is a killer and she will not stop until something is completely destroyed either by her large fangs or by her hooves. This makes her the perfect Ballator to be put into the UPFA, though Melekure fears the thought of Maria meeting her daughter in battle... it will be a brutal bloodfest and they want to avoid it at all costs. It's believed that Dread has a deep set hatred for her mother Maria, the mare seems to show most of her aggression whenever she is reminded of the other mare and it is almost as if she is out for blood when it comes to meeting her mother. Needless to say this furthers their concerns since Maria is a well known UPFA fighter and they went through with registering Dread in the UPFA as well, all they an do is hope and prey that the two mares do not meet ever.

Unlike Maria however, Dread is extremely possesive of her foals and will madly fight to protect them... if any dares to take one of her children away they will more than likely be gored to death. Handlers and breeders are warned well in advance and are told that they should make plans in advance for any breedings they may request. She is like a hellish hound when anyone comes to claim one of her foals from a breeding... and sometimes her raging nature to protect them leads to serious damage to the foals either due to being stomped on and trampled, being gored by their mothers horns or even bitten and tugged around by Dread as she tries to force them back to her stable.

Quirks: Has VERY large horns, because of this her neck is super thick and the front area of her body (Shoulders, chest, etc.) is extremely muscular. Dreadqueen always has her tail braided in a very messy braid with a long braid that hangs below, her horns always have at least one piece of jewelry that holds a string of beads and has 3 Magpie feathers dangling from it. Horns can also sometimes be decorated in a similar manner to her mothers, with Candles.

Notes: Dread is Maneless Due to being Born without her manes due to Hannibal's Curse~ Dreads horns do not curl back behind her neck but go out to the sides and then curl back around towards he neck.

Breeding Note: Any Stallion that wishes to breed with Dreadqueen will come back damaged, she is extremely aggressive and will bite, kick and try to gore any suitors. Scars are very much a given unless Dread's horns are capped and she is muzzled and restrained. Even when restrained she will still fight, commonly resorting to swinging her head around trying to knock out anything around with her large horns.

                ------------------------------------------ SSS: 418 Calamochnus
                ----------------- SS:   500 | Melekure Stables | Magicae Saltare Chorea
                ------------------------------------------ SSD: B-647 - Cor Regis in Latitudine
         ----{Sire: 1200 | Melekure Stables | Rex De Superbia
        |       ------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
        |       ----------------- SD:  576 Domina Fortuna est Canis
        |       ------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
Mortiferum Principem Inferorum
        |      ------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
        |      ----------------- DS:   unknown
        |      ------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
         ----{Dam: 319 Sanguineum Maria
                ------------------------------------------ DDS:  unknown
                ----------------- DD: unknown
                ------------------------------------------ DDD:   unknown

F-467 Razzle Spicula
414 Viva Bestiae
0140 Perturbationem Prati
P-154 - Quod Non Videtur
SSSDS: F-367 Occultus Gemini
SSSDD: F-304 Illa Ferae
SSDSS: IHS Diaboli Lacum
SSDSD: T-006 - Rosas Spinis
SSDDS: ST-011 - Tantibus Caelum
SSDDD: B-166 - Pulchra Puella Deum
SSDDDS: F-186 - Deum Iniquitátem


Username | Status | Mate | Resulting Foal
1500Points/$15 with a Fullbody Breeding Picture with Complex Background and a Full Body Picture of Dread with a Complex Background
Art Payments are NOT Accepted on this Ballator
Public Slots to Dread will be LIMITED and Rare
The Melekure Stables: Breeding Agreement
1) Mine | Unused | 881 Commoriator | 2325 for ToxicCreed
2) Mine
3) Mine
4) Mine
5) Pukzzi | Used | 2119 Ignis in foramine | 2610
6) ComplacentFool | Unused | Stallion Pending | Foal Pending :bulletgreen:
7) Murderfesto | Unused | 3152 - Gloria - temp ref | Foal Pending :bulletgreen: (Parent Slot)
8) wardhighlands | Used | ID 575 | ID 2321
9) Pukzzi | Used | 1342 | Melekure Stables | Et Daemonium | 2348
10) Private
11) naomithewolf | Unused | 881 | Commoriator | 3035 | Mehrunes Dagon
12) MoxieMysteries | Unused | 1992 | Mavericus | Foal Pending
13) Open
14) Skylinator | Unused | WWS- 2547 Sassy Asinum | Foal Pending
15) Closed
16) Closed (Unlocked, Intermediate Stats)
17) Closed (Unlocked, Advanced Stats)
18) Closed (Unlocked, Expert Stats)
19) LOCKED (Elite Stat Slot)
20) LOCKED (Olympian Stat Slot)
21) LOCKED (Royal Stat Slot)
22) LOCKED (Regale's Quests, Lvl 1)
23) LOCKED (Regale's Quests, Lvl 2)
24) LOCKED (Regale's Quests, Lvl 2)
25) LOCKED (Regale's Quests, Lvl 3)
26) LOCKED (Regale's Quests, Lvl 3)
27) LOCKED (Regale's Quests, Lvl 4)
28) LOCKED (Regale's Quests, Lvl 4)
29) LOCKED (Regale's Quests, Lvl 4)
30) LOCKED (Regale's Quests, Lvl 4)
31) LOCKED (Regale's Quests, Lvl 4)


This Reference +3 Stats
Inherited Stats - 203 (Mother), 90.25 (Father)
Aetherian Mutation + Hyalus +20 Stats
Extra Horns (Aether Blessing) +10 Stats
1869 Dreadqueen | UPFA Initiation +3 Stats (Fullbody) +2 Strength, +3 Intelligence (UPFA)
Gala | Get Behind Me +9 Stats

Gaits: 48
Dressage: 45
Jumping: 16
Intelligence: 80 
Stamina: 33
Speed: 30
Strength: 81
Attack Strength: 0
(Total: 333 )

Accepted Foal/import Design: 1869 for ToxicCreed
Breeding Note: Breeding Note
Colored by the super amazing and wonderful Pukzzi :heart:
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