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Clothes too Big by ToxicCloudz Clothes too Big by ToxicCloudz
An explosion went off in the room, a fit of coughs following afterwards. Scientist outside the door panicked and waited for the oddly colored smoke to fade before swinging the door open to find before them a sight for sore eyes. Allen’s hair had grown longer, Bookman’s hair turned into bunny ears, and three exorcists, from what they believe, turned into… children…

“You stupid science guys make too much weird shit!!” Lavi barked in a youthful frantic voice, flailing a finger over at Reever who seemed tired enough as it was already.

For once, Kanda had to agree with the rabbit. “Admit it, you don’t work at all, you just full around…!” the big ball of attitude growled, waving his sword at them.

Luna, one of the sad few to be turned into a kid, sat to the corner of the couch, reading a book that fell on top of her and seemed slightly interesting. Everyone was panicking and yelling, crying and complaining, and even as a child, she was still annoyed by it.

Lenalee stood behind the tiny bleach haired girl and smiled sheepishly. “What should we do about their clothes?” she mumbled.

“They can wear Bookman’s.” Mari was quick to answer. Lenalee huffed though, taking another glance at Luna.
“She’s a girl clothes, she needs girl clothes.” She nodded. Luna just ignored and turned a page, the pastel colored picture book rather entertaining to her. Lavi, who took a moment to stop his complaining and plopped down next to her, a curious eye looking over her shoulder.

“What’cha readin’?” he asked softly. Luna blinked, surprised that he was interested when she flashed him the cover. The book was called ‘Humpty Dumpty’, one that Luna had never heard of before. Turning back to the page she was on, she continued to read. Lavi stared at her quietly, his attention off the book as he already knew all versions of it. The look on young Luna’s face though, was more intriguing to the child. Her eyes were dead hard, slowly gliding over the words and pictures, not even glancing around the room when people kept going on and on about how silly the science department was. He found it cute how her lips pursed the more she dove into the story.

Suddenly, the book was snatched from her hand, making the youngling freeze and panic when her hand was grabbed. Before she knew it, Luna was being dragged off by a gleeful Lenalee out of the room.

“Where are you going?” Allen asked, Lavi also interested on knowing.

“I’m going to go dress Luna. I still have clothes from when I was little, they should fit her.” The Chinese girl chirped before skipping off. Luna then began to scream and complain…


Sitting in Lenalee’s room, plopped on a stool placed in front of a giant mirror, Lenalee flashed different dressed in front of the tiny girl, deciding which she would look better in.
“I don’t like dresss.” The little exorcist huffed, her cheeks puffing in annoyance.

“Oh come now, you’ll look so cute! Besides, you don’t want your clothes to fall off when you walk around. That is unless you want someone to see your naked bum.” She smirked at the last part, making the little one blush madly. Luna had no choice, she would have to use Lenalee’s clothing. Even if it was a dress…

After what seemed like forever, Lenalee finally decided on a dress for her new doll toy. It was a poofy milk chocolate colored dressed with white frills around the skirt area to make it more poofy, and pastel pink lacings, a giant bow on the small over her back. The sleeves were white and reached to her wrists, tight against her skin except for her shoulder area.As a last touch, Lenalee even added a matching pink bow to her hair to make it complete. As Luna stared at her image in the mirror, she was completely disgusted, but in the older one’s eyes, it was utterly adorable.

With a deep sigh, the child rolled her eyes. “Can I have my book back now? I wasn’t done.” She grumbled, holding out her tiny hand. Lenalee didn’t hand her a book, but instead snatched the child again and dragged her away.

“L-Lenalee! Stop, you’re going to fast!” Luna cried, her tiny legs moving frantically to catch up. Lenalee was so excited to show her off that she forgot how small she was. Picking her up and cradling her on her hip, she skipped down the halls to return to the science division, Komui, Reever and the others all packing their paperwork into boxes.

“Look how cute she is!” Lenalee squealed, catching everyone’s attention. At first they all believed Luna to be a doll, but when they saw her face turn into a deeper shade of red and her cheeks puff in embarrassment, they realized it was their tom-boy. She looked so much like a girl, they were shocked!

“Luna, you look so cute~!!!” Komui sung, being the normal fool he was. Reever rushed up to see his right hand helper looked absolutely cute.

“You really do look cute Luna. Those colors suit you.” The blonde agreed.

Luna blushed more. “Great. Can I have my book now?” She held her tiny hands out to Lenalee again. The Chinese girl giggled.

“I left it in the room. I’ll take you back.” She smiled before trotting off. The scientist couldn’t help but wave to the tiny exorcist who gave an innocent wave back. They couldn’t help but squeal, it was just too cute.


Lavi and Kanda had already changed into Bookman’s clothes and were helping around packing. Surprisingly, the old man’s clothes fitted perfectly. Dropping a box on the floor, they were ready to go pack up another box when the door opened. Lenalee came into the room with the hugest grin on her face, holding a bundle of something brown and pink in her arms. At first the two children and Allen were confused on what it was, but as Lenalee approached closer, the sight was hard to believe. Luna had buried her face in the older one’s shoulder, hiding in embarrassment from the others. Half the Order had already saw her now and Luna knew that none of them would let this go either.

“Come on, don’t be shy. It’s us, we won’t make fun of you.” Lenalee whispered softly. She didn’t want to look though. She wanted to lock herself in her room and hide under her bed till this potion wore off. She knew though that Lenalee wouldn’t stop till she did, and she had no way of getting out of her arms, so she did as she was told. Looking over her shoulder, small tears sat in the corner of her eyes as her cheeks flushed red, glaring down at the two boys staring up at her.

Lavi was amazed, his eye widened and blush creeping up to his face. Kanda smirked, brows raised as he crossed his arms.

“Wow, you actually look like a girl this time, tom-boy.” The Japanese chuckled. Luna stuck her tongue out at him in a flustered manner before hiding her face again. Lavi jabbed his elbow into Kanda’s side before rushing up to Lenalee and tugged on the fabric of the dress.

“C’mon Luna, you look nice. Don’t be shy.” He whined. Luna shook her head, but Lavi kept pestering her. After begging and begging, and Luna declining, Lenalee just frowned and placed her down on the couch and handed her the book she left on the table near-by.

“Here. Don’t pack anything, okay? I don’t want you getting that dress dirty. Kanda, Lavi, be nice!” she barked at the two boys before leaving to do her own packing. Luna quickly dove back into her book, the blush and balls of tears gone.
Kanda just rolled her eyes, going back to work along with Allen, but Lavi stayed and watched for a while. He couldn’t help but not stare, she was just so cute.


That was just part 1 8D Part 2 will be uploaded later tomorrow.

Anyways, I wanted to draw Luna as she was turned into a little kid like Lavi and Kanda were in chapter 159 in D.Gray-man.

Isn't she so cute~? *v* Even if her clothes are falling off *cough*


Luna(c) =ToxicCloudz
Made in Photoshop CS5 and Paint Tool Sai
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