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How to: Eridans' pants tutorial and tips pt1

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So I was gonna get to making my own set of Eridan trousers, and I noticed the only tutorial on how to make em included using duct tape
now that sounds all fine and dandy, but have you ever tried painting and using duct tape?

the paint bleeds through under it and you get very uneven lines
so that's not a very good process if you want to make a pretty good cosplay. ^^;

keep in mind, I'm not saying that way sucks and mine is better, no
whichever you wish to do is obviously up to you.
This version takes A LOT of dedication

I do not recommend trying this way if you really don't care for Eridan cosplay

Anywho this is part 1 getting the pants and getting started

part 2: [link]

Any questions feel free to ask!

another shitty tutorial
the shittiest of them all I bet pfff

sorry they sound so bland and bluu its fuckin hard to get a tutorial in with these two being some of the most blandest typers of them all ._____________.
ALSO MY APOLOGIES TO THOSE HARDCORE KAN & ERIDAN RP'rs I totally botched their characters/typing I know it pfff

my mom said I made Eridans' Scarf look like a penis. ._______________.
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could you get jeans that are just black and white stripped and then put them in purple dye? i dont know it just came to me
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If you're going that route, wouldnt blue dye work since the stripes need to be blue not purple?
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oh yeah oops, but do you think it would work?
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If you can find the right colored pants then I'm fairly sure it would work
but then its the matter of finding the correctly white/black striped pants that might be a hassle
but go for it! I cant guarantee anything tbh
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Thank you for posting this tutorial! I've been searching everywhere for tutorials on how to do Eridan's pants, so thank you for posting this! This could really come in handy!

Now I can do my Eridan cosplay! :D
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have fun and good luck!!
Hope you have plenty of time to work on them, and remember to let it dry for 3 days and have it settle in before wearing, and wait two extra days before washing
the paint will sometimes tend to stick so always fold neatly when done (and so you wont need to iron, ironing can sometimes be a bad thing with this kind of paint)
if you have any other questions always feel free to come back and ask!!
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And I'll keep that in mind! :33
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You're on a Homestuck craft blog.
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thanks for the telling ;v; :hug:

but actually, I kept getting note-spammed by some annoying asshole who constantly kept asking to submit it(seriously, I blocked him, then he made 2 new accounts, and kept on it till eventually I was sick n tired of that shit) so to put an end his total BS I just let him have his fun

I still dislike tumblr, so I think this is going to be the only thing I'll allow stay on there (and the give away, but that doesn't count that much pfff)
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No prob :D

Aww, that's dumb. I wonder if they're the same one that was bugging you so much about it?
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pssh right?

I haven't the slightest
and I honestly don't wanna investigate
I'll just let this one go, shit its so shitty anyways I don't even know why'd they would bother so friggin much XD
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lol xD Probably because they don't have a lot of cosplay tutorials, from what I've seen.
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Great tutorial! Love the presentation.
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hope it helps, going back, it looks all over the place to me xD
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This is wonderful!
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Fef's lusus eats everything.
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Woulda gotten dem boxers too if she wasn't stopped intime

Dat fiend :U
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