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Weekly Donators and Promoters Feature 14! :D

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 7, 2012, 1:55 PM

Another one of my weekly features of promoters and donators! Go view their work and enjoy! :happybounce:


Fox by 1SpiritOfLife1 Galaxy Red swing by 1SpiritOfLife1

100 Watchers: Bunny Gift by TheVerdantHare The Space Butterfly's Dream by TheVerdantHare

030. RainA drop of water, sitting on the end of my nose.
I cross my eyes to look at it, then laugh as I shake it off.
I stand in the rain, soaking wet, laughing and dancing with glee.
Some people hate the rain.
The rain makes my hair heavy and long, but I don't care.
It trickles down my back, tickling me and giving me the shivers, but I don't care.
(Funny, I never realised the similarity of trickle and tickle, yet there they are in the same sentence, that cheers me, but I don't know why.)
The water gets into my nose and eyes, but I don't care.
The rain makes my clothes heavy and cold, but I don't care.
It makes the warm air moist and heavy, but I don't care.
Can you tell me why people care?
I love the rain.
The rain makes my hair cool and wet, I shake it just to feel it slapping against my face.
It trickles down my back, cooling and calming me.
(Strange how something so simple calms me.)
The water makes the world smell and look divine, richer and more beautiful than ever.
The rain makes my clot
080. WordsWords fly over my head, missing my mind. But why? Why am I unable to understand them? The words are familiar but their meanings are lost on me. I am floating in an emptiness yet something is there with me, speaking to me, in words which mean nothing and everything. Words flying, lighting the darkness.
"Her eyes are open?" One voice said, musical and bright, a mellow blue-purple.
"Don't worry the drug still dulls her senses." A gruff voice, red and yellows, grating across the grey.
"Is this wise?" softer, the bright colours duller.
"It is worth it." A darker red, less yellow.
"But does that make it wise?" faded colours, soft.
"Stop your whining!" Darts of yellow piercing the blood red.
I wondered what the words mean, and why they were so colourful, like flashing lights or splashes of coloured liquids. Nothing is clear and I have no feeling, everything is numb, I am black. I drift away for a moment.
"Three days? Is it supposed to be so long?" blue-purple but with streaks of grey.


Watching You by pica-ae Snowfall by pica-ae

:thumb291293650: :thumb281639307:

You Were a Noob once too by Muffinism Bulls Eye Humanoid Adoptabe by Muffinism

LH- Camp Nayru leader- Celeste by herakushi Pokecino: Sky Diver by herakushi

:thumb274747184: :thumb276116896:

:thumb289550267: :thumb271317722:

The Ballad of SerenityA nightingale in a birch nearby,
sang a song that made her cry.
"Another note and I shall die!"
Her threat was met with no reply.
And so she rested by the stream,
and heard the crickets softly dream.
She watched the cattails kiss the stars,
believing heaven not so far.
"And here is where I shall be free,"
whispered fair Serenity.
The orphaned child, the strange young girl
born into an ancient world.
No elegance or skill had she
but the ballad, of Serenity.
She was cursed with just one song:
a ballad haunting, soft and long.
The words were never hers to hear,
but danced always beyond her ear.
On harp, flute, lyre she wiled away,
the notes that only she could play.
Yet she grew tried of just one song
and ran away before too long,
into a wood with stream of gold
where rumored lived the bards of old.
She found the caves of deepest blue
and told them, "I have searched for you."
Serenity the bards admired.
They gave to her the sacred lyre,
which bound her soul between its strings,
to find th

Mature Content

That's all for this week! I'll update tomorrow and more features will be up next week! Hope you're all having a good weekend! :wave:

To Help ToxicAlice92 - PROJECT COMPLETED:new: :omg: Due to some amazing final donations... The full 10,000 points have now been donated to ToxicAlice92 :iconsupereagerplz:
Thank you all for your support, I am so glad that this was completed with such great support. Thank you to everyone.
:new: Please fave and comment on this journal to help others see it!
I almost never buy "extra" things, for me this includes items like points :points: from deviantART. However, that has changed as of today.
Earlier this year, ToxicAlice92 announced a project
On my profile, in the top right, there's a donation pool. I want to spend the entire year raising up enough points to buy 50 Vertical Zip hoodies to donate to the nearest homeless shelter at the end of the year next year.But that wasn't it!
UPDATE 2 - I also received a note from Heidi earlier today (1.4.12) letting me know that deviantART would like to match my donations on their behalf!! That means when I reach my goal of 50, I will be receiving 50 more
CONTEST: Needles for the Warm Winter ProjectI've been advertising, scrounging points and forming awareness for the Warm Winter Project while at the same time writing articles for all of the galleries and it finally hit me. We have amazing artists within the Artisan Crafts section that could help! So here it is: 
Contest - Needles for the Warm Winter Project
Get out your sewing basket, your knitting needles and your sewing machines, it's time to earn yourself a warm feeling and a potential premium membership! We have three categories you could enter under: 

Blankets, Quilts and Afghans
Make a quilt, blanket or afghan that you plan to donate and submit it to me through note for a chance to win! Keep the design simple but cheerful!
Hats, Scarfs, and Gloves
Scarfs, hats, and gloves of all sizes are welcomed! Keep the design simple but cheerful!
Sweaters of all sizes are welcomed! Keep the design simple but cheerful. 
The Logistics
New ProjectAfter the success of , I was inspired to do my own project along the same lines. I call it "Project Plushie". I intend to give 20 plushies to Toys for Tots this Christmas, and that would include 10 Fella plushies and 10 Super Llama plushies.
This is where you come in. I can't do it alone; I need help. I need points to buy them; specifically, 27,988 points. I recently gave my last 202 points to ToxicAlice92 for her project. Go to my page and donate points so that 20 children won't wake up on Christmas morning without a toy to cuddle. I'll buy more if I get over my goal.
Thank you for helping me help others less fortunate. :)

UPDATES CONT. - Warm Winter Project: 2012UPDATE 9 - As of Sunday, November 25, 2012, I WAS ABLE TO MEET AND PURCHASE MY DONATION GOAL OF 50 HOODIES thanks to deviantART's 30% off Black Friday sale as well as my 10% Premium Member Discount. Congratulations to us and thank you to everyone who helped out!
UPDATE 8 - As of Saturday, November 17, 2012, we are at 125,125 points, with only 34,875 points left to go! I was able to purchase 2,000 points a moment ago to put directly into the pool myself. My original intent was to get 8,000, but I ended up working less than I expected this week and was unable to, but as of my next paycheck (in two weeks), I will be able to purchase 8,000! That will leave us with 26,875. And after TimberClipse's AWESOME point doubler, like the one that helped out and did so amazingly earlier in the year, that will be another 8,000, leaving us with only 18,875! And his doubler is already halfway full with much thanks to rainylake for immediately putting 2,000 points in
:thumb227351803: 100 Premium Memberships, 63,600 points!I am looking to collect 63,600 points by 25 December 2012!
I am raising 63,600 points to give 100 3-month premium memberships on Christmas Day of 2012, to give a little something back to deviants who give a lot to the community. I cannot do this alone.
How do you donate?
To donate to this cause, go to PrinceJose's page and click "Donate" on the donation pool, or go to the "Give" drop-down menu at the top-right of the page and select "Give Points." No matter which way you give, I still get them! :happybounce:
How else can you help besides donating?
To further help the cause, please favourite this news article and feature it in your next journal, poll, and send it to your friends! It will really mean a lot to the future recipients and myself. It doesn't matter how many watchers you have, but I need your help for this to be known to everyone site-wide!
You can also show your support with this stamp!


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