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Halloween 2018
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Published: October 31, 2018
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Wowie it's been a while since my last Halloween drawing, but this time I wanted to do a group picture!
I'm gonna do a clearification of who'sdressed up as who in case you want to know more about other's characters, I wanted to use everyone's sonas...
It wasn't always possible but I thought asking was kinda obvious, also I hope everyone's happy with the character/costume I picked for them!

:bulletred:I would've liked to include more friends of mine but it was actually pretty exhausting, so if you read this then please know that I am sorry for not including you!:bulletred:

Purpleguykin - Vincent, Purple Guy (Five Nights at Freddy's)

Suga-ruu - Momo, Pennywise (IT 2017)

Zeven-Dust - Robyn, Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

Maniactheleader - Fr3ak, Billy (Saw/Jigsaw)

A-La-Moe - Moe, Frankenstein's Monster (Frankenstein)

Et moi, Toon as Indoraptor (Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom)

A little note for everyone,

-I think Vincent's oufit was kinda obvious considering the username, however there are so many different versions of the purple guy that I wasn't quite sure which one to pick and just used a simple outfit

-Tbh I'm not quite sure if you like the new IT movie or if you've even seen it, but for some reason I thought Pennywise would be perfect for Momo

-I think most people are fans of Negan and Daryl but since I thought asking about your fav character would be a bit too obvious I just went with the main character in the outfit of season one

-... I think Fr3ak is obvious

-Couldn't think of something horror themed you like and since I wanted to stick with more "iconic" movie monsters I thought of a classic one for you!

(-I know the Indoraptor is not really seen as a horror creature but if all the hidden information (it wasn't in the movie but still canon) thi dinosaur was still a hell of a beast!)

Hope you all like it! :pumpkin:

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A-La-MoeStudent Digital Artist
Ayyyy, I'm Frankenstein's Monster!! That's so cool, dude!! Thank you so much for including me in this! Halloween is my favorite holiday, I was so bummed I couldn't do or draw anything for it because of college. This is a wonderful surprise!! I can't thank you enough!! And your right, I love classic movie monsters! 
Also, I love that you drew yourself as the Indoraptor, that was seriously my favorite dino design of Fallen Kingdom! Great work!!
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You're very welcome, glad you like it! :D
And glad I've got the costume right too ;w;
Heh thanks I love indo -w-
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A-La-MoeStudent Digital Artist
I love it! Thank you so much! :D
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PurpleguykinStudent Digital Artist
Aaaahh I don't even have the words for this ;0; I got home late last night and I was running on my last brain cell lol, so I wasn't able to articulate anything to say thank you so much!!
This is so wonderful, and making it Purple guy is so sweet of you omg, it means a lot to me!!!
You're such a sweet person and tbh I'm so happy to call you my friends QoQ I need to reach out to you more often!! Goretober this month has me absolutely beat haha.

As always, you're the best and this was such a kind gift gahh!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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I'm so glad you like this little gift! :aww:
Ah thank you I don't know what to say I appreciate it, I'm also glad we're friends adsgh ;w;
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Zeven-DustHobbyist Digital Artist
Woah das is ja mal echt mega cool!
Aaah~ mit einem Halloween Bildchen habe ich echt nicht gerechnet!! Oh my~ aber I c freu mich gerade wie son kleines kind~ fühle mich gerade echt geehrtmit auf deinem bild sein zu dürfen! <3 ;A ;
Aber ich liebe die wahl der kostüme, die du für alle ausgewählt hast~ und umgesetzt hast du sie auch echt klasse! Man erkennt sie alle direkt auf den ersten Blick X3 

Oh und ich liebe die Auswahl, die du für Robyn getroffen hast~ Der gute Rick ist ein Klassiker und mit ihm kann man nie etwas falsch machen! Und tatsächlich ist die Polizeiuniform auch eines der coolsten Outfits die der gute Rick trägt~ besonders sein cooler gut ist so cool ;w ; <3 
Aaaaah~ aber vielen lieben dank Toon! 
Ich freu mich gerade echt richtig über das Bild ;w ; <3 

(sobald ich morgen mein neues tablet bekomme... Mache ich mein Bild auch finally mal fertig ;A ;) 
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Freut mich dass ich dir damit so eine Freude bereiten konnte! :)
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ManiactheleaderHobbyist Digital Artist
omfg das is so cool ;o;!! Danke!
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Kein Ding~
Sorry ich habe due Brille nicht vergessen sie sah nur echt kacke aus in meinem Stil
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If you want a blank version of your character only just ask about it!
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