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Sweet Treats

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Wow....a decently big comic this time....and whoa nelly there's another cute Filly Luna and Celestia comic.  That's just freaky but we got cake!  I really have been on a roll with the princesses lately huh.....kind of.  :P Can I get a "yay"?.  Clearly I did hide a muffin in this.....although I may have made this one too easy. 

So yeah another filly princess comic.  It's kind of surprising how few of these I did from 2013-mid 2014 but lately I am doing a good number of these.  I will say this one became a little bit of a pain in the @$$ later on.  :faint: Celestia's coat is so bright and white that putting her in night scenes is just asking for trouble unless you hue her down just enough to fit but not be too insanely dark.  Luna....well I have experience with her although in Wereluna pics I don't do anything.  :D  For this comic it was a little tricky to figure out just how dark to make Celestia be but I think I got it where I am happy with it.  I am a little proud of the BG on this one cause I had to do one based off the Castle BG and have a cliff.  A little refreshing to do night scenes again. 

Well guys hope you like this one.  For as much as making princess comics are a little tricky to make I still like how they come out.  I still never understood how we call filly Luna, Woona, cause Woona is strictly Egophalics's creation....and that's S1 Luna.  :nod: Filly Luna is filly Luna to me and Woona is seperate how I put Wereluna.  :P  Anyway onward to next thing.......DBZ pony next!  :iconderpy-hooves:

Time spent: 25 Hours
How I did it: Paper then Photoshop CS6

Celestia, Luna © Hasbro
Art © Me
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werewolfknutStudent General Artist
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These comics are just too darn cute 
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PsychoYellowDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
Awwwwwn =) so sweet and heartwarming
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it was luna seeing celestia sleep
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Sweet and Heartwarming.
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BonBon1HeartStudent Artist
so adorable!!! Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] i always cry...
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pleadiesHobbyist Photographer
Happy (late) Lunar New Year, Luna!
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DestinyforestwarriorHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, i think i'm getting better at spotting the muffins
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Awww, ain't that sweet? Great comic :D
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That's so adorable! :3
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CMC--ScootalooHobbyist General Artist
Too easy, my flank. :P
I have observed the entire comic closely three times now and still can't see it.

Also, this comic has an interesting story. It shows how a certain aspect of Celestia's personality came to be. I like it. :)
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MorphiusXHobbyist General Artist
And that's how Celestia has a knack for cake. That & she loves her sister too.

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EverlastingJoyHobbyist Filmographer
Found the muffin! Easy one this time Tox.

I love seeing Celestia/Luna sibling love comics and images. They're almost always so cute.
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Toxic-MarioHobbyist Digital Artist
Well the muffin was on this one :D
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Now I know where Celestia's cake addiction comes from. =P
Toxic-Mario's avatar
Toxic-MarioHobbyist Digital Artist
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Wait, if Luna's here who controlling the moon?
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DeathAlchemist94Hobbyist General Artist
GAAAAHAHAAAA!!!! The feelz...
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Toxic-MarioHobbyist Digital Artist
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Luna: "Sister, thy royal flanks do not need yet more cake. Thou already has trouble fitting into thy new tiara as it is."
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Toxic-MarioHobbyist Digital Artist
Lol ok
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E-guardiasHobbyist Digital Artist
how nice
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