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Nothing But Net

By Toxic-Mario
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Oh my! Very Rare comic with 3 ponies in it!  :meow: Been wanting to do this comic since S4 ended but I am doing them in order I thought them up.....which is a lot of them since S4 ended.  Anyway this one was quite a tricky little comics to do and I was a little rusty on Ponyville backgrounds since I haven't done one in 2 months.  That's an academy record....just like finding the muffin in this one. :D

So yeah back to a classic Derpy comic this time.  Surprisingly Fluttershy, like Pinkie, seem to be the hardest to think of comic ideas for.  I have no clue why that seems to be the case but it is.  :D  However, usually when I finally get a comic with them it turns out to b really good.  Let me tell you....that last panel Fluttershy was a pain to do.  I had no idea how to do a pony curled up in a net besides the one from the Gala episode....but I didn't want that pose or net trap.  It wouldn't make sense for this comic.  Still overall I am pleased with the way the entire comic came out.  :)

Anyway hope you guys like this one.  Up next will be my final DBZ pony till November, DBZ Maud.  Remember cause October is my Wereluna month so after October will be back on track with DBZ Coco Pommel.  ;) Comics will still be out as usual.  Don't be scared.  :iconderpy-hooves:

Time spent: 26 Hours
How I did it: Paper then Photoshop CS6

Fluttershy, Derpy, Rainbow Dash © Hasbro
Art © Me
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© 2014 - 2020 Toxic-Mario
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:iconfluttershyplz: Throw it at him, not me! Ugh, let's try something else!
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ShinMegamiTenseiShyStudent Artist
Poor Fluttershy!😭
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Laptop344Student Writer
DERPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PUT HER DOWN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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MaXiumRide2Hobbyist Digital Artist
Umm... derpy.. you kinda.. never mind, lets just pretend it's a muffin!
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SomeponyNamedGobblesHobbyist Traditional Artist
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GlitteryPikajackXlHobbyist Digital Artist
Panel 4 in the bush on the left
fluttershylover20's avatar
Why did Derpy  catch Fluttershy in a net?
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MinePonyArtist663Student Artist
Her Cutie Mark is 3 Butterflies, so...
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seabreeze444Hobbyist Interface Designer
Squishy Derpy Icon 
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GigglesalotnekoHobbyist General Artist
DERPY!! Help me fly!!!!
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xXRosettaCookieXxHobbyist Digital Artist
Derpy, sometimes I'm tired of your little jokes.
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bernardofoquitaStudent Artist
aww derpy that´s not a butterfly silly
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richfilesHobbyist Artist
Glorious... Six butterflies Derpy!
Thou hath ensnared six of them!
Apparently, thou art hunting butterflies, Derpy.
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MorphiusXHobbyist General Artist
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Fluttershy the contortionist
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dat pose do
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andreavalentina991Student Digital Artist
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XCommanderHurricaneXHobbyist General Artist
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VazquezG19Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very cute!
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Poor Flutters
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LeopardHeartWarriorHobbyist General Artist
I found the muffin!!!! Without looking at a comment!!!
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CrystalCriticHobbyist Traditional Artist
Dat ass.
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