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Oh hell yes......yes....very much yes to all the many many people that dread when I make this series still....I have another Derpy/spitfire comic.  I personally 100% could care less that people hate this series or if they think I overkill the living crap out of it as what they say.  Yes I know this comic series is it's own trashfire meme now last 3 years but who cares.  :D  I absolutely still love making this series and I know a lot of the kids I met at conventions have run across this series and personally that's all the satisfaction I need to keep rolling on with the series even more.  Yes I have many more planned so yup.  I have occasionally used Spitfire in funky ways like this but this time I wanted something even more strange so how about as a candle.  :P  I hid the muffin well in this one FYI.

So here's what I personally found tricky on this comic.....the backgrounds.  It wasn't what type of background I needed but how in a sense to make a completely fresh home for Derpy using only some bits of other rooms ponies had as a basic idea.  This is where I turned to looking at Dash's house in a way but literally scanning all the rooms she has for some type of idea what pegasi furniture could be like if I wanted to put it for Derpy.  I actually need to double check but I think this is only the 2nd time I ever made any type of candle.  If it's not in a comic from 2012 then personally this is the first time I ever made a candle.  Weird right?  :meow:  I think though it was alright.  The funny thing is lately the comics and the way I am making ponies it's tough to say if it's fillies I make now or in a sense 1/2 teenage ponies.  Both?  It's weird but it's kind of a style I have noticed recently I am beginning to make and I like it.  It's a little mix and I personally hate making the fillies as tiny as they do in the show.  It's really weird if I try and do poses like these or stuff.  :)

Oh and a side note...people are always like "why Spitfire go along with this always", "why fight back", or other stuff.  Here's the simple can't escape from Derpy.  ;) She wants stuff done you ain't gonna run.  How about they are just weird friends or stuff too?  :D  I did get a comment about a year ago saying if I am shipping these 2.....let's just say that is the dumbest comment yet on this series.  I don't do shipping.  Now that that's out of the way I have a good # of these I got planned more.  I do space out the releases more than I used to on purpose....keep it fresh man.  It's what....almost 5 1/2 years since I first did this series with the 'Hot Headed' comic.....yeah I got more.  Funny enough any type of panels I sold at cons from this series always seem to do the best.....told you people like this series as much as me.  ;)  Alright anthro next....we are nearing S7 so soon I will transition again to comics only and S7 ones for a while and already making the S7 comics ATM.  :iconderpy-hooves:

How I was Done: Paper then Photoshop CS6

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I love these, the fact that spitfire now actually works is what makes them funny
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Spitfire:   One day, I shall have my revenge
XxFoxKid5674xX's avatar
The heck you will! *tackles spitfire*
FlareEmerald77's avatar
Spitfire:  AGH! Not the face! Spare my money maker!
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Why... That so silly, why every time Spitfire get involve like this
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
Somehow, I never see these coming. :roll:

Though I can't help but question what kind of "inhirent properties" other ponies' might have, either cutiemark based, or on their looks...

I suppose Derpy could cut off some of Colgate's mane if she ever needed toothpaste, although that's a bit played out. ^^;
Toxic-Mario's avatar
Praise derpy is all
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
Or Spitfire could grab Derpy by the rump and use her to clean the floor. Her rump has bubbles! So it must be like soap. =P
RoboCheatsy's avatar
Haha!  Spitfire is not amused! XD
this is the first comic I've seen of your.  Nice job! :D
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poor spitfire lol Derpy Emote icon :iconderpyrugplz: :iconderpyhurrahplz:  Spitfire by PixelKitties  
Don't you know that it's inefficient to use a fire built as a heat source as a light source? Spitfire's tuned to produce heat efficiently, not light.
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Why must Spitfire always be the butt of Derpy's jokes? :giggle:
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
That candlestick has style

Muffin in the book?
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i don't know how people can hate on a running gag. they are simple humor which is funny even after the hundredth time and this series is no exception.
i kinda hoped for a twist with the muffin being the recipe derpy is reading in the closeup but i guess it wasn't until the next page :P
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*blows out spitfire and creeps up on derpy in the dark*
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