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Maud About You

By Toxic-Mario
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Well damn I was hoping they'd show Maud's cutie mark so I had to stick with that.  I think she has a rock as a cutie mark anyway.  :P  I liked to imagine this is what would have happened if Pinkie introduced Maud to everyone in ponyvill cause there was time for it to happen off-screen.  ;)  I hid the muffin quite well in this one.

Anyway this is a prime example where it's very hard to predict the episodes with just the synopsis each week to work off with.  Sometimes I can hit a home run and nail it or other weeks I can completely screw it up.  I think........this is 50-50.  XD  I did get Pinkie right in a sense and Derpy but Maud I didn't expect that from the episode as much as I did.  :D  Still I actually don't mind how this comic came out.  That panel 2 Derpy was a slightly new pose I tried out. 

Anyway guys not much to say on this one.  I will leave this one as is.  The one I have planned next week is going to be interesting.  I'll be curious if what I have planned actually happens.  ;)  Onward to next comic. 

Time spent: 22 Hours
How I did it: Paper then Photoshop CS6

Pinkie Pie, Maud Pie, Derpy © Hasbro
Art © Me
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HamburgerMarsupialHobbyist Writer
Just be glad it wasn't a muffin. That could've gotten wild...
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That's not Maud because she rarely smiles and wears clothing. You must have mistook her for Marbles
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MiragePotatoHobbyist Digital Artist
Dash facehoof Piccolo Facepalm Icon Facepalm2 
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Not the pie, well her name IS maud pie, i had to!
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sweetypie03Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Silly Derpy GIF *F2U* 
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PinkieThePowerpuffStudent Artist
Soarin: *Steals pie from Derpy* MINE!
Derpy: Don't steal Maud.... :(
Soarin: You named a pie :?
Pinkie pie: *Face hoof*
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ImAnOnion44Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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YoshiondiviantartHobbyist Digital Artist
It's the pink thing in the first panel isn't it?
Yoshiondiviantart's avatar
YoshiondiviantartHobbyist Digital Artist
You tried Derpy. You tried...
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sparkythewolf12Hobbyist Digital Artist
Facepalm Facepalm Asami facepalm plz Asami facepalm plz Danisnotonfire 9 Danisnotonfire 9 Facepalm3 Facepalm3  derpy are you serious
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
Derpy is best pie stealer
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DaviDark-TheGunterHobbyist Digital Artist
she has a onix cutie mark, it appears on the episode
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Meh. I don't see Derpy doing this. She's clumsy and silly, not stupid.
DARKZADAR-ZEROHobbyist General Artist
pretty funny and very nicely made ! 
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:iconderpyhoovesplz: I will gladly pay you Tuesday for an apple pie today.
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lol funny derpy
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1. I think her cutie mark is a lavender heart shape rock (just saying)
2. Silly Derpy, you must really like pie!
3. Cute comic!
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TjudiStudent Digital Artist
It's actually like this rock, there is a shot where Maud jumps or something and you see her cutiemark. :P
Pinkalina's avatar
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TjudiStudent Digital Artist
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YouNeedInsanityAddedStudent Filmographer
Diamond shaped you mean.
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sweetnsourtune25Hobbyist Digital Artist
i hate you derpy
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You express derpy like no other
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