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Here Today, Gone Tomato

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I CALLED IT....well technically a good bit of us knew Gilda was coming back for well over a month now.  :nod: Especially after that EP title.  I decided anyway to give Gilda a 2nd shot a making her other than the Revi Gilda I did before.  So this would make only the 2nd time I ever made her.  She's a pain to do and I decided to do a comic on just a random job that Gilda has been up to the last 4 seasons.......muffin is in this.  :D

Ok...I had NOTHING to work with as far as BG ideas.  :faint: I decided on something that had a feel from the premier but not exactly.....I guess.  I mean in past shows and whatever, Griffon's are usually portrayed as living in the mountains or some kind of colder than usual place.  So that is what I did on this one.  It's kind of weird but these BGs turned out a lot better than I expected.  I had to completed wing these cause there wasn't anything hinted as far as clips or whatever of Griffonstone.  Usually this time in the season is where I got to do a lot of guessing on the BGs and this is where my comics will either be on par with the EP or completely strike out.  :P

Anyway that's it on this one.  Now remember we are on a 3 weeks break from MLP.  The next episode will be on June 13th (oddly when I am at a convention) so I will still have stuff for the following weeks.  Is it just me or is it weird they already did 2 breaks into this season? :O  They never did this in past seasons as far as I remember and I got into MLP back in May 2011.  :iconderpy-hooves:

How I did it: Paper then Photoshop CS6

Rainbow Dash, Pinkie, Gilda © Hasbro
Art © Me
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Sumi-mlp25Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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RachelClaraHobbyist Artist
catch up or ketchup?
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Orange you glad Pinkie made that joke? LOL
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Puppetmaster365Student Traditional Artist
I bet discord helped with this one 
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:icondiscordtrollplz: (snickering in the background)
:icondashfacehoofplz: "So not helping here..."
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FarleyKat86Student Digital Artist
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*takes a short breather*
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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
...Pinkie is so dead.
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NecromancerKing85Hobbyist Artist
hahahah good one pinkie
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EverlastingJoyHobbyist Filmographer
I can't find the muffin!


Pinkie, that joke was bad and you should feel bad for it.
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ArterialBlack716Hobbyist General Artist
Gilda's face in the last panel just makes the comic, LOL :D
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:icondashfacehoofplz: "Did you forget talons, claws and canine teeth Pinkie?"
:iconpinkiegaspplz: "SHE'S GONNA EAT ME!"*

*Bonus points if you imagine her looking like who I'm referencing from. :D
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ArterialBlack716Hobbyist General Artist
dunno what the reference is :P
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MorphiusXHobbyist General Artist
Today's special: Tomato Griffin Stew.

*Remembers this work notably in your Live-Stream Picarto*
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Damn it Mario! Stop being so good at hiding the damn muffin!! I've been staring at this for 20 mins!
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mh3umasterHobbyist General Artist
try 3 days
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Toxic-MarioHobbyist Digital Artist
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I agree, Gilda... Facepalm 
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:iconpinkiepiegaspplz: "DON'T EAT ME, I'M TOO SICKLY SWEET!"
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That was about when I got into MLP.
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Toxic-MarioHobbyist Digital Artist
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