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I'm on someone elses internet here in NJ as I'm submitting this. I'm being naaaaaaaauuuuggghty. :iconfreakyfredplz:

One of the best punned titles ever. I really loved these filly comics and more cloudsdale. IDK why I'm doing so many of them. Personally....there's a lot of untapped ideas. ;) Yup, another Spitfire and Derpy being silly comic. Cousin wants more....I will give him more.

Anyway enjoy guys. I can't reply to comments till tonight....back to the beach. WAVES!!! :D

Time spent: 20 hours
How I did it: Paper then Photoshop CS5

Spitfire, Derpy © Hasbro
Art © Me
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Derpy: Finally, a good use for Spitfire's hair.
Toxic-Mario's avatar
hehe I have tons of these
redhead-alex's avatar
*snort* this cracked me up, it's so eggcellent
AdamKooper's avatar
As long as it works
Caiged's avatar
She really IS hot headed.. *does slow clap* terrible puns are the best.. 
Scottman23's avatar
For a minute I thought ditsy was Discord XD I had to look twice
Tehjoos's avatar
This is real bad.
InsomniacV's avatar
 Why are you reading it 
bazla1236's avatar
why dose Derpy hate Spitfire
SuperJordanBlast's avatar
Why you spaming??!?!??!?
Peaches-n-Charlotte's avatar
someone made me!!!!!!!!!!!!
BlitzBoltGaming's avatar
don't listen to them e.e
Peaches-n-Charlotte's avatar
BlitzBoltGaming's avatar
I see it everywhere
Its okay,just don't do it again,k?
FluffyMarshmallow's avatar
Derpy why do u allways troll poor Spitfire?...
TheLastOfUs-Love's avatar
Exactly , that's all she's good form, not only is she a terrible excuse of a leader  ,  she is a bitch and during the episode when the had to make them water go into the cloud she sat there and did appaoultly nothing to help them and even when cause was risking she sad there and let it happen and didn't even ca even  so in my words 

FUCK HER OK FUCK YOU (spitfire not you) 
anti-logik's avatar
About all she's good for. She's certainly no use as the leader of the Wonderbolts.
Cat-Box's avatar
Who needs fire when you have a portable stove!
Get a Spitfire Today and receive a free derpy for twice the price!
Whistle-Trill's avatar
Soarin: wow your hot....
Spitfire: is the only reason you dared me to do that ice bucket thing is to make that pun....
Soarin :icontrollestiaplz: Maybe.....
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