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Alright I'm actually back on my normal release schedule and with another comic no less.  :D  This is.....hmmmmm 3 comics in a row now I went the daaww route!?!  I know I am such a terrible person going the cute route.  As usual I hid the muffin in this one...haven't seen many people looking for it lately....IDK if that is good or bad.  This one is completely doable. XD

Anyway yeah this is quite a rare comic with Sweetie Belle and Rarity.  I usually have a hard time putting a comic with those 2 together and I THINK this is the first time since mid-2012 I had both of them featured in a comic and no one else.  I failed miserably at making a 5 year old Sweetie Belle....hence why it looks a little odd.  I'm sorry.  :crying: I will try and do better on that next time.  Other that that I am fairly happy on the comic and backgrounds.  Had to make up a lot for the back half of the house they used to be in.  :O

Well hope you guy like this one and it definitely gave me a challenge to say the least...especially doing another background I never done before.  Let's on the list is going to be DBZ Fluttershy V2 and then a comic.  This is gonna be fun.  :iconderpy-hooves:

Time spent: 23 Hours
How I did it: Paper then Photoshop CS6

Rarity, Sweetie Belle © Hasbro
Art © Me
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sweetiebelle: oh thank u thank u thank u rarity

rarity: your welcome sweetiebelle [ hugs ] ^-^

sweetiebelle: [ hugs back ] ^-^
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Cryptid-DaydreamersHobbyist Digital Artist
This made my day. :)
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EdoNovaIllustratorStudent Digital Artist
Oh Rarity, the best sister in the world
EdoNovaIllustrator's avatar
EdoNovaIllustratorStudent Digital Artist
n.n :D
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I do believe my daw meter just broke
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ghostartingHobbyist Traditional Artist
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sweetnsourtune25Hobbyist Digital Artist
a sister's love is better than a treasure
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You lost because your voice is about as pleasant as a hydroflouric acid enema.
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SnowflakeThePony337Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
you hid the muffin really well this time...
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Randomgal9050Hobbyist General Artist
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Patrikov909Hobbyist Writer
True sisterhood
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Star-Von-AlicornHobbyist General Artist
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Why Rarity's sentiment is admirable, isn't she kinda sending Sweetie Belle the wrong message? 

Accepting you won't always win is part of life. 
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SnowflakeThePony337Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
thats kinda saying that you shouldnt get cake on your birthday...
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Sweetie Belle tried her hardest and lost fair and square, does she think she's the ONLY foal who feels bad they didn't win? 
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newflutterpieHobbyist General Artist
she`s only being a good sister
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SugarCookie310Hobbyist General Artist
Best sister EVAH!!
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Rarity is best big sister. :heart:
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Toxic-MarioHobbyist Digital Artist
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