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An Apple a Day

By Toxic-Mario
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Someone call the pony police.....I actually drew baby ponies again.  Worship I mean no joke I haven't drawn a single baby pony in almost 3 years when I did a Pound and Punkin comic with Twilight and Pinkie Pie.  That comic I remember was literally hell to do cause it was so foreign to me.  This AB.....well it was easier than I expected but still a pain in the ass.  :XD:  I was a total jerk on the muffin on this one....people said I was making them too easy.  Well this time....I will make it hard to find like I did in 2013.  ;P

So this I believe is the 2nd filly AJ comic I've done in a row.  I seems to go on runs with ponies.  I am sensing I am about to do a 2-3 comic run on AJ then stop drawing her as usual for a period of time.  Stare IDK why this happens but ehhhhh.  Hey look no Derpy in this one.  :meow:  It's been a little bit since I did a cute comic and been even longer since I did a sister comic with AB and AJ.  I think the last one was Summer 2013.  What is funny is every single AB and AJ comic I've done over the year winds up being a cute comic.  Why?  Well I have no idea.  I guess it just happens.  Oh and one other thing, Sweet Apple Acres is now the hardest BGs for me to make with Twilight Library now blown up.  All those damn's like making Twilight's books all over.

So yeah hope you guys like this one.  I got someone the other day wondering about my backgrounds and if I reuse anything....nope.  95% of my BGs are all individual and from scratch since 2011.  Dead (RIP) The last time I duplicated a BG was April 2013.....'The Sweetest Gift'.  Call it dedication, insanity, stupidity, or whatever you want....I like to call it practice.  :P  So next I got a new DBZ pony pic....I won't say which one it is this time except it's a V2.  :iconderpy-hooves:

Time spent: More than I expected
How I did it: Paper then Photoshop CS6

Applejack, Applebloom © Hasbro
Art © Me
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Sandra58Htf Digital Artist
-eats apple-
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ParamaguruMasterHobbyist Artist
Me: what does a rainbow fruit taste like?
Apple Jack: well Red Apple, Orange, Lemon, Green Apple, BlueBerry, and Grapes

Me: that sound, NASTY!
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The-Irken-LuxrayHobbyist General Artist
Found Muffin.
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:iconprincesstwilightplz: "I remember something like that, only it was with cookies instead of apples. And it was with B.B.B.F.F. because I hadn't met Cadance yet..."
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MorphiusXHobbyist General Artist
I guess Applebloom was hungry anyhow. ^_^
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rautamiekkaStudent Artist
Babies are always hungry :/
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sweetnsourtune25Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh my god! a muffin shaped apple!
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AJ, you get big hugs for coolest big sister ever!!!! Baby applebloom, you get big hugs for being adorable and being just who you are. Both of you are awsome and I gives you big hugs ^^
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Ah'm Appwe Bwoom.  Moar Zap Appwes?
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EverlastingJoyHobbyist Filmographer
Found the muffin! Easy peasy.

Leave it to AJ to be the good big sister :heart:.
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:iconapplejackplz: "Sharin' is carin'!"
:iconrarityangryplz: "That's supposed to be MY line!"
:iconapplejackplz: "But I bet you didn't share with Sweetie Belle when you were that age!"
:iconangryrarityplz: "Hey now, don't let the whole deal around the Sisterhooves Social make you jump to the wrong conclusions, Applejack!"
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CMC--ScootalooHobbyist General Artist
Aww, what's wrong, little apple? Why are you crying? :(

*hugs her and strokes her mane*

Also, a jerk with the muffin, my flank. :P It was easy to find, you used that hideout before already.^^
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Awwwww! What an adorable bundle of joy! :heart:
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LucianAmpersandDerpyHobbyist General Artist
Rainbow Dapples :D damn cute <3
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Major d'awwws in this one. Very cute!
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Tin-Foil-Hat-101Hobbyist Digital Artist
D'awww's internally.
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She should punish her. If a child does something bad they also need to feel bad about it.
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NashokurHobbyist Digital Artist
I love it and thanks for showing me the first episode of MLP :D :heart:
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Toxic-MarioHobbyist Digital Artist
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Just adorable! :D
Toxic-Mario's avatar
Toxic-MarioHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks :)
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dawwws for days
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Toxic-MarioHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks :)
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Daaaw that was cute.
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