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Yellow Brick Road

Take yo' ass down the yellow brick road, muthafucka.
Take your ass down the yellow brick road.

--Violent J "Yellow Brick Alleyway"

Addicted to Wizard of The Hood much?

TW = Toxic Waste. She has a last name now.

Toxic © Cherise Turner
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I am very addicted to Wizard of the Hood, and all things Wizard of Oz as well. This came out really good, I have a picture similar to it with my alias. I like Toxic's uhm ice cream pants. Very nice. *nods*
huskie666's avatar
mmm.. next time, try making the pants cuffs rounded down a bit to go with the background going up and back behind her..
really like the character <:3
ToXiC-LetTe's avatar
Thanks so much for the tip!
I'll definately keep that in mine next time. :heart:
FreyFox's avatar
Now THAT's more like it! Pity there are no shadows, but the colouring is pretty sharp!
ToXiC-LetTe's avatar
I was afraid to try shadowing, because I'm not too experienced with it, and I didn't want to mess this up. :p
Plus, I kind of like the straight bold colors of it. I hardly even shaded, but I like the flat colors kinda. I just wish my scanner did it justice. It looks amazing IRL ;[
Vash123's avatar
OOoh colors ^^
pagedrillgirl's avatar
Wizard of the hood yay.

Loverly coloring. I like the purple bg. Turned out very nice.
Y0ungBl0od's avatar
That looks awesome <3333333
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