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He was looking up at the blue sky, and he felt at ease.

It was so easy to get lost in his mind, he just had to let go, letting the sun wash over him, the fresh breeze of air going past, gently caressing his face with its soft touch. He let his arms slide about, the grass running through the gaps between his fingers, an occasional sunflower rubbing its blossom against the top of his fingers.

He sighed, and remembered a time in his youth, one hot summer under the large chestnut tree in the field. Always he would take his kite and go out in the back of the house, let it rise in the sky and run across the fields, laughing in delight as only a kid can really do at something so simple.

There was a clamour of joy coming from across the field where he now lay, and interestingly enough, he could spot a family with their two children, running together and raising a kite up high. He smiled at the sight of such innocent fun. One of the kids stumbled, though, and they lost control of the kite.. It soared upwards, out of control, with no one to hold it back.

Well, he thought, it's not particularly tragic, really...

He heard footsteps coming up behind him, and they resulted in a familiar, well-known shadow looming over him.

"Hey there, darling, " he said. Sighing, she lay down next to him. As he put an arm around her, she murmured: "It's all fake, you know."

He tilted his head, looked at her face. "Of course I know that."

She shifted her eyes to look at him. "So why do you still come here?" she asked.

"Because it makes me happy; I don't need it to be real to gain happiness from it," he said; and then he smiled.

They looked up at the sky, and laughed as they saw the kite getting stuck in the blue.
Reflections on life as I was looking at a blue sky out of the tram.
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February 7, 2008
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