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It had been a quiet, normal day. Everyone was leading their lives with their usual excitement, which resulted in plenty of people being pretty bored. When we went partying after work, though, we saw the lights in the sky. There were these long lines of light, which shone as bright as the sun. But they faded quickly, so quickly that even a shooting star seemed to be having a leisurely stroll in the park, in comparision.

We were absolutely stumped. Noone had ever seen anything like that, and we couldn't get an answer from anyone we knew as to what it was. So, we did the most logical thing to do: we got ourselves some booze, went to the park, and started watching the skies. Someone even brought a camcorder. I checked on the internet; there were some wild theories about, but no government or institution had said anything in the way of explanation; neither our government, nor anyone else's.

For hours we stood in the park, watching the lights as they moved across the sky. News of other parts of the world said that there was an abnormaly high meteorite activity in the skies this night, but that only led to more theories. Theories ranged from stupid suggestions like weird reflections of light inside the athmosphere over ridiculous things like a gigantic space battle fought between aliens. More sensible people suggested that something like a very dense, very dark asteroid was attracting smaller astral bodies and that their steep impact on its surface might result in them bouncing off in a streak of light like that. Those explanations were rather technical, and I didn't really understand them.

The points where the lines originated from - after observation, we had agreed on there being only two points that were always on one end of any line - seemed to be moving, though. It appeared like they were getting closer to each other, as if you were pushing two things together. Which was kind of an odd effect, and noone could find a good reason for it happening, either. At least none that matched any theory; even the spaceship battle guys said that spaceships would - oh so logically - fight over really long distances, and probably not as spectacularly.

Although, remembering the scenes of Star Wars from when I was young, it might just look something like space warfare - two giant ships sailing the dark ocean, like gladiators in an arena, riding on rocket-powered chariots and throwing spears of light at each other. Sort of romantic. Sort of scary. Some were already calling it the first Solar System War, with Earth watching from the lines of the neutrals.

But my most graphic memories of the event I have not yet told off. After some hours, what we saw was a giant meteor entering the athmosphere; wo don't know why we couldn't spot it before, but as soon as it started burning on reaching the athmosphere, we knew we had a problem. Hollywood tells us that meteors and planets don't mix well, and this one was obviously heading straight for us. We panicked, big time.

I was too shocked to scream in panic or run away, or avert their eyes like others, as that giant ball of fire rushed head-first towards the ground. Suddenly, the sun seemed to come up, then there was a giant flash of light, and I lost sight and consciousness.
Old stuff lying around.
tetrarchangel Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
It is incredible to see you back after all this time.
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