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February 26, 2021
Bellum Sacrum by markovic19
Featured by Ellysiumn
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Bellum Sacrum


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Violence, hatred, murder, wars...all for one reason we created by ourselves, and that reason is called the root of all evil.

No stocks from DA. 3D models are from PixelSquid, sea is from PxHere and the rest is painted.
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hi amazing image may i use it in a youtube music video i make giving u credit?

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Only if you buy a licence.

k great plz contact me in the pvt chat

It looks sinister and, at the same time, fascinating. Very cool!

Good job !! realy nice

Available as an nft?

Man... this is awesome
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WOW!! That right there is is LEGENDAR


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Stunning work! It looks real! o.o

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This is eye popping, I love the fire and I really like the title. <3

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How do I download this? This artwork is really really cool I love it and want it as a Live I just right click and then download?

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It's not abailable to download. Thanks anyway!
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Oh my goodness,

... i think i start to like thoose "burning battling Ship fights." It's the second from DD that I notice.

This is the other:

The Battle of Majestics

I like your dark atmosphere.

Escpecially the nightsky, it's looks a little bit like a Skull-Cloud hanging over this.

If you take a closer look, it's a cliff.

And i like this "little ship" hidden in the nebula.

Maybe you need some lightning & thunder in the Cloud's to make it more dramatical.

But Great and impossant work.

I find the fire is a little too much. If you zoom it's a little bit "inaccurate", but for the effect "Fire light in the Dark" it's very good.

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Thanks for your feedback. I was not referencing this artwork in mine own, to be clear, since it's similar. I mean, every ship battle artwork is kinda similar. Anyway, this one a hell of a good work.
My artwork has it's own story; everything's there for a reason. Four ships, mood, why little ship is untouched by the battle and sailing away from those 3, etc.
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Get in touch with Sting.

The deserves to be a cover image.

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Haha, thank you :D

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The crashing of steel and the groan of the timbers... Stay excellent.

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Incredible! It looks so real!

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