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TaW #93B: A Flash at the End of the Rainbow

Labor Day weekend is still part of the weekend in my book, and that's when this final part is being posted. The grand flash finale to my 93 week long streak of vectors and the like comes to a close here. It's been a wild ride full of tricky and simple projects alike, and I'm kinda sad to close this book, even if only for a little while. Hope you folks enjoyed this series, and if you haven't seen the whole chronicle, feel free to use the links at the bottom of the descriptions to travel back in time and check out the Things that came before. Until this series continues, I bid you all adieu. See you at the other end of the rainbow.

I've decided to make these quick art type things each week for the new episodes, and submit them at least before the next one airs. I'll be referring to each of them as "Things a Week" or TaW. With all the episodes finally finished, I'll be taking a break from this series for a while until new content comes up. But don't worry, these Things aren't going away for good.

TaW #93A: Here!

TaW #92: Here!

TaW #94: Coming... Eventually!
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Awwww... No .fla shares?

Good stuff. Enjoyed your other vectors!
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Not sure you'd want the raw .fla file, it's a big jumbled mess full of layers and vector objects that I pasted in from Illustrator. :T Some objects are probably in there multiple times, as I had issues with some objects pasting incorrectly in one particular frame. I've self-taught myself how to use Flash, so most of my methods are probably half backwards and/or more complicated than they need to be. I figure as long as the part everybody else sees looks fine, the background stuff can be as messy and unorganized as I need it to be. Glad you enjoyed the final products though.
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You kidding me? Even if it's terrible, it's always awesome to be able to take a look at the backend raw files to see what was put into it.

Most raw .fla are a mess, by virtue of them being works-in-progress for making the final animation, so don't sweat it!

LOL. I'm kinda teaching myself Flash too... In fact, I'm pretty sure most deviantart hobbyist-animators [especially the pony ones :P] here (except you know, the ones with "Animation Student" tagged behind their names or summat) are self-taught!

So share the wealth and share the techniques and mistakes learned!