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TaW #75: An Orthros a Day Keeps You Trading Away



Back on track again with season 4, we got introduced to yet another non-equine mythical creature, the orthros! Orthros seem to be like the two-headed cousins of the cerberus, so of course Fluttershy can tame it with ease. It's almost kind of cute, in a weird sort of way, though that upper body looks awful crowded with the two necks and all that shaggy fur around them.

I've decided to make these quick art type things each week for the new episodes, and submit them at least before the next one airs. I'll be referring to each of them as "Things a Week" or TaW. With season 4 in full swing, I'll be focusing on episodes as they air, week by week.

TaW #74: Here!

TaW #76: Here!
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awwwww that double headed doggy is so cute