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m09 hot weather mercenary

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Trying out a new format for rank insignia, where I'd show the relative sizes of the insignia against a simplified uniform.

This particular one is for the m/09 Hot Weather Class A Service Uniform for the Mercenary Corps.

As these insignia are used by all components of the corps when serving alongside Republic forces, the insignia signify rank grade, though each component has their own designations for them.

Star means the Ground Component
Wings means the Aerospace Component
Anchor means the Navy Component

Starting with the buck private and ending with the general...

OR-1 Doesn't exist, as mercs are not drafted

OR-2 Mercenary
Ground Component: Private
Air Component: Airman
Navy Component: Shipman

Ground Component: Senior Private
Air Component: Senior Airman
Navy Component: Senior Shipman

Ground Component: Corporal
Air Component: Corporal
Navy Component: Junior Petty Officer

Ground Component: Sergeant
Air Component: Sergeant
Navy Component: Petty Officer

Ground Component: Staff Sergeant
Air Component: Flight Sergeant
Navy Component: Senior Petty Officer

Ground Component: First Sergeant
Air Component: First Sergeant
Navy Component: Chief Petty Officer

Ground Component: Sergeant-Major
Air Component: Sergeant-Major
Navy Component: Senior Chief Petty Officer

Ground Component: Master Sergeant
Air Component: Master Sergeant
Navy Component: Master Chief Petty Officer

Ground Component: Officer
Air Component: Pilot Officer
Navy Component: Officer

Ground Component: Platoon Commander
Air Component: Flying Officer
Navy Component: First Officer

Ground Component: Company Commander
Air Component: Squadron Leader
Navy Component: Corvette Captain

Ground Component: Battalion Commander
Air Component: Wing Commander
Navy Component: Frigate Captain

Ground Component: Regiment Commander
Air Component: Group Commander
Navy Component: Captain

Ground Component: Brigade Commander
Air Component: Air Division Commander
Navy Component: Squadron Commander

Ground Component: none
Air Component: none
Navy Component: none

Ground Component: Division Commander
Air Component: Air Fleet Commander
Navy Component: Fleet Commander

Ground Component: none
Air Component: none
Navy Component: none

Ground Component: none
Air Component: none
Navy Component: none
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I like it, it is clear and concise, and it looks easy to change in regards to cuff style, pocket style, shoulder straps &C without loosing clarity :D
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Emilion-3Hobbyist Writer
I find the older format a bit more attractive but this is more informative. I wonder if you could put your medals on a uniform?
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If I'm going to make a full example Class A coat with full insignia, accoutrements and whatnot, it would be shown from the front.
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Emilion-3Hobbyist Writer
Full dress of each rank with the proper medals and of course shown from the front
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Very nice. Seems to take up less room on an image than your older ones. Very nice!
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Though a collected look would give more information than detailing the insignia elements, and deliver that information in a neater package. The older style didn't account for uniform piping or whatnot.
And I spotted this format and liked it. I might even generate unit pins for the my other arms.
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I saw something similar on

Did you use vectors for this, too?
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That's basically the only way I CAN do it. The export can be any size, but the vector is much larger. Would be life-size if exported at 90dpi.
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COLT731Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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