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Append Miku - Tda (Original) : MMD

Introduce an excellent model. :D
(MODEL Japanese have created.)

Lert - Tda Append miku (Tda Original)
Modeling, Copyright owner : Tda
Download URL : [link]

Right - Tda Append miku : Options = ねこみみ (nekomimi)
Modeling, Copyright owner : お遊戯P (oyu-gi p)
Download URL : [link]

::: Usage rules :::

- Tda Append miku (Tda Original) -
Reminder: this English translation is for reference. Should any conflicts arise, the original Japanese Terms of Service shall take precedence over English Terms of Service.

◆ Terms of Service and Disclaimer
・This 3DCG model represents the character Hatsune Miku Append of Crypton Future Media Inc. under Piapro Character License.
Here is the License. [link]
・Use this model within the limit of Piapro Character License and this Terms of Service.
・You may not use this model if you don’t agree to Piapro Character License and this Terms of Service.
・Tda shall not be responsible for any damage and loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with using this model.
・The latest notation shall take precedence if this Terms of Service is renewed.
・When using this model for commercial purposes, you shall obtain prior permission from Crypton Future Media Inc., the copyright holder of Hatsune Miku, before contacting Tda.
・Editing this model for your videos and pictures is allowed within the limit of the conditions below. You don’t have to obtain prior permission from Tda.
1. Do not ruin the feature and image of Tda style. The edited model(s) shall be clearly recognized as Tda-styled model(s).
2. Remove the logo CRYPTON on the anklet, or use the body00_MikuAp.tga file in the ロゴ違いテクスチャ folder.
3. When distributing edited model(s), attach both original Japanese Terms of Service and English Terms of Service, credit the original name of this model Type Tda Hatsune Miku Append, the original creator Tda and editor(s).
1. Redistributing the original data. Trading the original data is also forbidden.
2. Attaching any part(s) of this model, regardless of in the original form or edited form, to other model(s) for the purpose to create and/or edit the model(s) that is/are not Tda-styled. (e.g. attaching Tda Miku’s pigtail(s) and/or waist gear to other model(s).)
The only exception is the minimum edit for a video or picture with the story related to Tda Append Miku, but distributing the edited model(s) under this exception is forbidden.
3. Attaching any part(s) from non-editable model(s) to this model.

by Tda

- Tda Append miku : Options = ねこみみ (nekomimi) -

by Tda

Please Google translation : [link]
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© 2012 - 2021 TOUKO-P
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and this is where death of MMD begin xD

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used! i just changed the eye and skin texure for my eye texture dl uwu  (MMD Texture DL) TDA Sour-Styled Eyes And Skin Tex by Funtimebonnie2421
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Is editing this model allowed?
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I know how to add the ears but how do I make them stay on her head?
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You got to weigh the ears to make them stay on the head.
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first time y found a miku append dowload ! 
DL !!! Yey !!!

Thank you so much !!!Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) [MMD emoticon] Miku on a chair Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru) Hatsune Miku-09 (No No No No) Hatsune Miku-15 (Happy) Miku Hatsune LA Miku Hatsune LA
ok i am SUPER confused. i want to use the models outfit. am i allowed to add the clothes to a model that can be clearly identified as tda style? because if not i have seen other people use the outfit.
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You ARE allowed to attach this model's outfit to any other model(s), but they must be TDA-styled. You can't, for example, take her hair and attach to a LAT model. 
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no problem! :)
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Where did you get the outfit from?
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That's the standard Append outfit - all Append model versions have it with the exception of Kagamine Rin and Len. =)
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how do you edit it? i was gonna try and edit my characters hair just to see how it looked and i wasn't going to do anything with it except small animations and then throw them away cause i dont know how to upload videos anyhow so why would i put it up for download. anyways i tried to upload a model like this with pmde and it wasnt alowing it to work 
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Downloaded Both.  Thx!

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've done everything and more that will move not understand, as I can use to Tda miku! and download it but do not understand how I can make!
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