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The Story Of Chiasa Uchiha
In the morning, Chiasa and Youuta went to see Itachi Uchiha and Shisui Uchiha.... Shisui and Itachi waved at Chiasa and Youuta..
Shisui: Hey! Over here!
Youuta: Shisui, Itachi...
Shisui: Man, you're late!
Youuta: Yeah, sorry for that...
{ Chiasa hiding behind Youuta, looking at Shisui and Itachi, with a confused face }
Youuta: Chiasa, {pointing at shisui} This is Shisui and that is Itachi...
Itachi: Hello, Chiasa.... Its so nice to meet you!
Chiasa: um..... H-hello! Its nice to meet you too, I-Itachi...
Shisui: Do we look scary to you, Chiasa?(-.-;)
Chiasa: um.... N-no.... Nice to meet you, S-shisui...
Shisui: {pats on Chiasa's head} Hehehe its fine!
Itachi:{smiles} Alright then, shall we go and see father now? Its already getting late...
Youuta: Yeah.. let's go, Itachi, Shisui, Chiasa...
        Those 4 went to meet Fugaku Uchiha, the leader of the Uchiha Clan.....
Itachi: Father?
Fugaku: Yes Itachi.. Come in.
Itachi: Yes, father...
Fugaku: Well well if it isn't Sh
:icontoukatrishakirishima:toukatrishakirishima 0 0
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gross approximation
i. attestation of inadequacy
the knife is in your grip
and your back, your spine
nonexistent, your body contorted
and the knife in your back
twisting. the pain is not
dulled by this fact, that
the knife is in your grip
and every millimeter
added to the wound is because
of you. your body isn't numb
to your failure, your
rampant destruction of self
echoes in your nailbeds
and the enamel of your
dulled teeth. your jaw
is clenched, your body
contorted, the knife is in
your grip and your back
is weeping into the night.
ii. aspiration of inelegance
the night is in your veins
and your fever is spiking.
there is no way to feel
less pain, it is a constant
knife in your back. in your grip
is a tuft of your hair.
you kiss like your old wounds
have since closed but
the night is in your veins
by way of bright red
lacerations. your body isn't numb
to your failing systems,
your flailing rhythms bid you
lick the night from your veins
and self-destruct. your jaw
is broken, your body
open, the knife is
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 43 8
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Ken Kaneki (king)
Thank you Sui Ishida for your awesome manga! I'm really sad that tokyo ghoul finally came to an end.... But every story has an ending, right?? Thank you once again! I'll read the manga once again!
Hi! How are ya? Thx for the ones who viewed and viewing my art page! Well I can draw somewhat good cos I started to draw 1 and a half year ago! At first I didn't have any interest on drawing and also I was very pathetic at drawing! But now it all changed cos I'm capable of drawing various forms of art and I willshoe those in my page! But still I have a long path to go! Thx again for reading you guys! It means so much to me!


toukatrishakirishima's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Anime lover, foodista, artist, calligrapher, floriography, art lover, science and maths lover, entertainer😁
Hey people! Thx for taking time in no viewing my profile!
I'm 15 and an self learning artist! I draw various forms of art
Hope you like my art!
And I'm a good calligrapher too!😉


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