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Red eyes Sakuya by skydashstudio
Touhou Multi Scroll Shooting 2. Ultimate Reimu. by skydashstudio
Touhou Multi Scroll Shooting 2. White Reimu by skydashstudio
Monochrome Marisa. by skydashstudio
Highly Responsive to Prayers
Touhou fan art: Highly Responsive to Prayers by Mixed-weirdo
Touhou fan art: HRtP headcanon redesigns by Mixed-weirdo
marisa redraw! by autmnbird
Pixilart hakurei shrine by CuscoLoco
Story of Eastern Wonderland
Oc Siduro Sideboob (1/5) - Comission #26 by HarumiMizu
Touhou Challenge #11 - Rika by CryptMyst
Loafing Marisa by Aardvark1998
mima by Mochiyy
Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream
[TP]  Ellen by SenyaAkiyama
Character Sheet: Rikako Asakura [Rikacon] by Dave-Shino
Kana Anaberal - Happy Holiday by MrTremoloMeasure
yumemi by whotookyesyesterday
Lotus Land Story
Aya and Remilia by askly839
100 Themes Challenge #35: Walk by SanneAdeen
yea baby working with sai or whatever by punkvomitt
Sister of the Devil by Bluyidark
Mystic Square
100 Themes Challenge #38: Abandoned by SanneAdeen
100 Themes Challenge #31: Flower by SanneAdeen
Pandaemonium Run [Reimu,Mima,Yumeko] by Dave-Shino
Louise by whotookyesyesterday
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Happy Halloween 2021 by SanneAdeen
Meiling by Hagane33
Cirno Day 2021 by Emiharu-art
Cirno Day 2021 by AdeptusVoid
Perfect Cherry Blossom
100 Themes Challenge #39: Dream by SanneAdeen
Chen by Choco-Rune
Yukari by mys721tx
Pixel Artvember day 5: Monochromatic by Aardvark1998
Immaterial and Missing Power
Suika Ibuki by whotookyesyesterday
suika by autmnbird
[Touhou Doodle] Suika Ibuki by Thatisdifficult
suika by JackyBunnyBun
Imperishable Night
Announcing the Hakurei Surprise Donation Program by mys721tx
Reimu by mys721tx
[Touhou] Tewi, but furry. by EmpanadaCremosa
Pixel Artvember day 10: Eirin as Seen From Behind by Aardvark1998
Phantasmagoria of Flower View
100 Themes Challenge #36: Precious by SanneAdeen
Shoot the Bullet
Aya Project : The Beginning by ferdyferdy9
Mountain of Faith
[SFM] Aya Shameimaru by PokemonLover666W
Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
Tenshi by Hagane33
Subterranean Animism
WARNING! WARNING! by autmnbird
Undefined Fantasic Object
Pixel Artvember day 16: Loud by Aardvark1998
Unthinkable Natural Law
Doomslayer? by AskUtsuhoReiuji
Double Spoiler
Touhou Double Spoiler 10th Anniversary! by Thatisdifficult
Great Fairy Wars
The Poppies Blow by MsZsc
Ten Desires
Mononobe no Futo by Enjousaki
Other Characters
100 Themes Challenge #37: See by SanneAdeen
Fanmade OCs
Momon by BrushTroid
.: Cute Couples Chat :. by xSakuyaChan510x
Pixel Artvember day 30: Mystia's New Recipe by Aardvark1998
Find your top hat? by AskUtsuhoReiuji
Touhou Project: Seiran by Marusera-Yumeart
:: Hong Melings TRD Supra :: by xSakuyaChan510x
Miracles by xicebubble1
Hopeless Maquerade
Hata no Kokoro fan art by Nagae--Iku
Double Dealing Character
Greyscale Benben by flandre495
Impossible Spell Card
Literature 2
Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
super moon by watermelon-clock
Urban Legends in Limbo
Starry Skies by watermelon-clock

Lost Souls and Youmu's Myon

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It's come to my attention that some people seem to be having some issues about submitting to the correct folders (it won't let you or smth? idk), honestly i don't know why this is happening or what exactly the problem is so i can fix it. If this is happening to you, please just feel free to post into Featured and I will eventually get round to sorting it out. Thanks

ahh sorry for being really inactive
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Grown up Rumia Scarlet by metalixix Grown up Rumia Scarlet :iconmetalixix:metalixix 7 4 Richard B Riddick X Sakuya Izayoi - piggyback by yenyangipman Richard B Riddick X Sakuya Izayoi - piggyback :iconyenyangipman:yenyangipman 1 0 Cirno spell by metalixix Cirno spell :iconmetalixix:metalixix 3 0 Remilia by metalixix Remilia :iconmetalixix:metalixix 8 0 Moecha CIrno by metalixix Moecha CIrno :iconmetalixix:metalixix 6 2 Okuu by metalixix Okuu :iconmetalixix:metalixix 5 0 Chen by RYONMA Chen :iconryonma:RYONMA 218 46 ''Be Mai-ne'' by FullHitPoints ''Be Mai-ne'' :iconfullhitpoints:FullHitPoints 13 2 Remilia Scarlet by Freenos Remilia Scarlet :iconfreenos:Freenos 26 11 Sanae Kotiya by Teallaquin Sanae Kotiya :iconteallaquin:Teallaquin 16 7 Remilia Scarlet - i'll take over the world! by kareyare Remilia Scarlet - i'll take over the world! :iconkareyare:kareyare 55 2 Youmu Konpaku by kareyare Youmu Konpaku :iconkareyare:kareyare 122 6 Touhou Gang AU pt 1 by Cloudy-S Touhou Gang AU pt 1 :iconcloudy-s:Cloudy-S 68 10 NES-style pixel art from Touhou Project by ykkb NES-style pixel art from Touhou Project :iconykkb:ykkb 5 0 Characters From Touhou Project by ykkb Characters From Touhou Project :iconykkb:ykkb 4 6 Touhou - Marisa Kirisame chibi by xHiiRox Touhou - Marisa Kirisame chibi :iconxhiirox:xHiiRox 46 3

The Youkai don't Bite..

Welcome to the World of Touhou..
Here in Gensokyo we accept many a things!

:bulletred: Please do not join the Contributors unless you are actually going to submit many artworks
:bulletred: All art is welcome as long as it is your own, nothing stolen, nothing traced, etc etc
:bulletred: Please submit artwork to the correct folders
:bulletred: Please no haters/spam. If you are found harassing other members you will be reported.
:bulletred: Mature Content is allowed HOWEVER please make sure it is marked as Mature Content as we wouldn't want to offend other members
:bulletred: If you are unsure which folder to put artwork in, just put it in Featured and it can be sorted at a later date

:bulletgreen: Suggestions to make this group better are welcome





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BlueNekoFlower Featured By Owner May 1, 2020  Hobbyist
I can't submit to the Double Dealing Character folder.
Thatisdifficult Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Huh, looks like there are a few folders that I can't submit art to, even though they would be the most fitting.

I guess I'll just submit them to the Featured folder for the time being.
SilSinn9801 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Why no folders for Hidden Star in Four Seasons nor Wily Beast and Weakest Creature, even though the first one has been out for more than a year and the latter has just had a demo released & abounds with plenty of fanart out there?
skylight900 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2019  Student Digital Artist
T-H-A-N-K-S for accept my request!! Love :happybounce: 
SovietAnimations Featured By Owner Edited Apr 27, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
the group folder doesnt allow you to submit art there 
MikoFanboy Featured By Owner Edited May 13, 2018  Student Artist
There is no folder for AoCF? 
I want to add my Yukari (AoCF) fanart :D 
Urielopolus Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2017  Hobbyist
Can we submit to the LoLK folder?
SamidareScarletSpy Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can't submit to the "Groups" folder :/
De-D3vil Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is the Literature folder lock? I can't contribute a story I wrote to that folder.
endermil Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, thanks for accepting me. I have a little question, can we still submit content as a simple member?
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