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Adventures in Spiral Knights!

You could make a plushie out of everything in that game, and I'd totally hug it. Seriously Sega, what the heck.
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Trust me, devilites look cute but they quite literally are from hell.

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Plushy Snarby. (Or rather what seems to be the attempt)
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I just wish the game itself wasn't such a money-grubbing scammy piece of crap, because the designs are so lovable.
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it has been made. just search on here "Snarbolax spiral knights and scroll the results. it's there.)
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It's the ultimate trick. Distract them with cuteness in order to hide the true danger. Clever...
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If everything's adorable, I bet you'll say that apocrean harvester from the halloween event's also adorable. :iconhesmileplz:
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and the cat-ghost things, they look cute until they attack, then they're something out of a creepypasta 0-0
Infectedchao's avatar
But what if you encounter a Mewkat? Then will you attack it to progress? I certainly wouldn't D:
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when i first got this game today i ended up screaming "i'm so adorable i could just make out with myself!) i ended up getting embarrassed because everyone was staring at me XD
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The Grimalkins are NOT cute ;-;
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You just don't understand their true adorableness.
Shinigami-shisan's avatar
NOT CUTE...I played a lot of different games, and NOTHING scares me more than those god (and the fact that you can only run away from them is worst!)
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Well, if they scare you that much, you'd better not turn of the sound, nor listen to ghostship shuffle while facing them.

On another note, I actually felt adored by those Grimalkins when I first saw them. Well, at least until they opened their mouth.
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LOL its true! *sob* 
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So cute!! until they bit you're hand off.
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hahahahaha. Everyone loves the wolver gear. It is so cool
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I have been planning to make spiral knights plushies and sell them too but have not gotten time yet D:
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Dust Bunnies, always the dust bunnies for a plush.
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not false at all
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