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Teardrop Turquoise


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Tom Hardy


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Baltic sunset

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Anemone and Roses

Traditional still life, flowers

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Esther Van Hulsen Darwinius

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Floating In The Dark

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Anastasiya Knyazeva

Lovely children

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Teardrop Turquoise

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Blue Tits Drawing

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Little World 3

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Cloud Atlas


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if i had my life


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Garden of oblivion

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Januari features update

Update 01-20-2018 I've made new folders for photomanipulations (for digital art made from photos and stocks) , photography NON reality (this means you changed the reality as it is, like with creative filters, heavily editing, and also for compiled photos) If you have any sugustions for more folders, do let me know! :D Make my life easier by choosing the right catergory folder! Thanks a lot!! End of the update :) Hello everybody! Hope you're all well and happy!! Here's some Januari features, taken from the feature folder, hope you'll enjoy them! Reminder: You're allowed to put 1 deviation per week in the feature folder! Shows us your best wor

Features and dedications for my art

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Xris' wonderful art

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Jean-PierreLeclercq's wonderful art

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Raipun's amazing art

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DChernov's wonderful art

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They are coming

Wdnest's amazing surreal art

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evening angels

Bohoma13's wonderful art

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calla natural version II

URM's incredible art

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r-lilie's amazing art

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William-Oxer's amazing art

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BritaSeifert's amazing art

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My drawing of a porcelain Unicorn - 3h 40m

Marcellobarenghi's amazing drawings

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gillesgrimoin's wonderful art

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Cherries A

m-v-c's incredible art

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Bronart's amazing works

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Andrianart's wonderful art

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Above (80x90cm)

Philip Munoz' exceptional art

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JJKAirbrush's wonderful art

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Shoes 3, 2018, 40 x 40 cm, oil on canvas

Christopheberle's amazing art

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PE: Presentation matters

Presentation matters It's not just the artwork that tells you something about it's creator - on the internet, the way you present it is at least equally as important. Your painting can be a masterpiece, hanged in a local gallery, but as long as you post a blurry, badly cropped picture named "1564873" along with "..." in an artist's description, nobody will ever bother visiting your gallery. Creating a nice, representative profile page and setting a certain visual quality standard takes extra time and effort, but if you really care for your work (even if it's just a hobby), you should treat it with some respect. I've already written a relate

Information journals

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Animation for use

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Photography artistic nudes

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Yellow love

Birthday's dedications

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Mountain cascade

Birthday 2016

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Study No. 84

Amazing art by Mynameistran

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Devious Collection

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